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  • As someone who has never had great cardio and gets no enjoyment from it, I have had so much fun being part of the yyc biker gang. You would be hard pressed to find a more inclusive and supportive fitness environment. You can do it, try a give'r class and support a local charity.
  • Sweat out a class at YYC Cycle and you will be hooked! You will be welcomed by a community that will empower you to be the strongest, happiest, and although sweatiest you of your dreams.
  • I love YYC SPIN. The motivators are incredible! The equiptment and atmosphere are exactly what you want to help have a kick ass workout! I'm hooked!
  • YYC spin has inspired and motivated me! I especially like the class schedules that accommodate a long work day.
  • Great music and upbeat instructors


YYC Cycle Spin Studio - Marda Loop

Fitness Classes / Boot Camp

3505 14th Street SW
Calgary, AB T2T-3W2

+1 (403) 986-9006

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