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Advanced Beauty
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Age-Refinement HydraFacial


The Signature HydraFacial plus Dermabuilder BOOSTER wrinkle relaxing peptide serum for the eye and lip area.

Brightening HydraFacial


The Signature HydraFacial plus Britenol BOOSTER dark spot lightener.

Clarifying HydraFacial oily or acne prone skin


The Signature HydraFacial treatment for the face, with additional deep cleansing manual extractions and blue or red LED to disinfect and stabilize oil production.

Hydrafacial with ProTec Plus


The Signature Hydrafacial with the addition of our newest BOOSTER: ProTec Plus!This new BOOSTER loaded with antioxidants, peptides and hyaluronic acid is designed to maximize hydration, reduce visible redness and deliver optimal protection for overall skin health.

Restorative HydraFacial with CTGF


The Signature HydraFacial plus the exclusive CTGF BOOSTER serum, containing human growth factors that address skin roughness, texture, elasticity, and fine lines.

Signature Hydrafacial


The essential HydraFacial treatment for the face: cleanses, exfoliates, painlessly extracts clogged pores, and deeply infuses a cocktail of hydrating antioxidants using patented Vortex Fusion technology. Includes extended LED red light therapy. This treatment is from the jawline up.

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A Viriditas Signature Custom Facial Treatment


Whatever your skin care goals, this healthy skin treatment is fast and effective. Indulge your skin with 50 minutes of highly focused care selected by your skin therapist. Peel included! (Price reflects additional time and cost for PPE)

A Warm Welcome Healthy Skin Consultation IN OFFICE


START HERE: (new clients only) on your very first visit to Viriditas, your skin and your home care routine get the full analysis: after a "micro-facial" where we get an up-close look at what's going on with your skin, you leave with a solid plan to address your skin concerns. Bring all your home care and come with a clean face. After your consult receive $75 OFF your first skin care purchase!

Acne RX Consultation IN OFFICE


This is the Viriditas Signature in-depth acne consultation. Start with a "micro-facial" to help us determine the type of acne you have and the condition of your skin. Then your esthetician will put together a full home care routine designed to clear existing acne, and prevent new breakouts. An "Acne RX Extract and Calm" treatment is recommended every 2 weeks to speed your progress, and we gradually strengthen your home care routine until you are clear (on average 3 months). Are you ready to FINALLY say goodbye to acne? After your consultation receive $75 OFF your first skin care purchase!

Acne RX Extract CLASSIC for Face or Back


Designed to support and accelerate your home care acne protocols: includes a light proprietary peel or enzyme, extractions and disinfection only. Skin may be pink to red after: please plan social engagements accordingly.

This selection is ONLY for clients actively participating in the AcneRX program, as your home care will significantly impact its effectiveness. CONSULTATION REQUIRED. Recommended twice monthly until clear, and as follow up care.

AcneRX Extract and CALM


Our newest signature treatment for acne: includes cleansing, gentle skin softening, manual extractions, disinfection PLUS a calming mask OR LED light to fight future breakouts. Only for clients in our AcneRX Treatment program. Consultation required. (Price reflects additional time and cost for PPE)

Essential Rezenerate Nano-Boost


"Zen" your skin with active botanicals, peptides and hydration to leave your skin soft, smooth and refreshed. Includes a thorough exfoliation and Rezenerate Infusion focused on the cheeks, chin, and forehead.Painless, and helpful for acne scarring, discoloration and even fine lines!(No extractions)

GM Collin Clinical Hydrolifting Treatment


This relaxing treatment visibly restores the skin to a more youthful, toned look. A gentle pomegranate ferment enzyme instantly clarifies your complexion, followed by a delicate hydrolifting elixir, restorative massage and toning mask leaves you radiant and hydrated. (No extractions.)

Peptide Perk


You Look Great! This peptide powered infusion treatment starts with a very gentle lactic /mandelic elixir, followed by a cocktail of 4 potent peptides to lift, tone, brighten and firm. A mineral rich seaweed mask to finish will have friends asking what "work" you've had done. A lovely, effective and relaxing experience. (No extractions)

Roccoco Signature Brightening Treatment


Lighten up with this brilliant blend of plant extracts and peptides. Address all the pathways of pigmentation with Vitamin C, mulberry and orchid extracts. Emerge from this experience looking and feeling bright, soft and hydrated.( No Extractions.)

Skin Comfort Caregivers Treat


Having a friend or loved one with cancer is devastating, and can take its toll on not only the patient, but the primary caregiver as well. Enjoy a mini facial, hand and foot massage with this relaxing treatment designed to take care of YOU for a while.

Skin Comfort and Hydration Treatment


Gentle, hydrating, therapeutic touch for survivors and those dealing with the side effects of active anti-cancer therapies including chemo, radiation, and surgery. Special care is given to safely work around ports, lymph node removal and radiation injury by your Esthetician who is Oncology Trained. This treatment is highly customized, and is designed to calm and comfort dry, irritated, sensitized skin, and allow a space for relaxation and quiet repose. Depending on your needs, this service may include comfort for the face, scalp, hands and feet. If you are in active treatment, please let us know the date of your last infusion when booking.

Virtual Services
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15 Minute ONLINE Follow Up Consultation


Sometimes you just need a quick check-in and a little more help with your skin. This quick 15 minute virtual visit is a perfect way to get direction on 1 or 2 skin concerns. This is not a substitute for a full consultation. After booking, you will receive a Zoom invitation within 3 business days or if you prefer, we can follow up by phone.

A Warm Welcome Healthy Skin Consultation ONLINE


Skin starting to show age? Blemishes? Redness, irritation? Do you have a room full of products that don't seem to help? We will review your skin care concerns, give you expert guidance and create a home care routine to ensure healthy, beautiful skin. We'll even show you exactly how to use your products. Just select your appointment time online, and we send you a personal Zoom link within 3 business days. Just click the link in the email, and you will be one step closer to healthy beautiful skin.
After your consult receive $75 OFF your first skin care purchase with us!

Acne RX Consultation ONLINE


Get the Viriditas Signature in-depth acne consultation ONLINE. After determining the type of acne you have and the condition of your skin, your esthetician will put together a full home care routine designed to clear existing acne, and prevent new breakouts. A "15 minute Follow Up Online Consultation" is recommended every 2 weeks to monitor your progress and gradually strengthen your routine until you are clear (on average 3 months).Are you ready to FINALLY say goodbye to acne? Book now, and get a Zoom link for your appointment within 3 business days. After your consultation receive $75 OFF your first skin care purchase!


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