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Body Contouring
13 Services


Venus Bliss

Venus Legacy Skin Tightening - Large

Venus Legacy Skin Tightening - Small

BBL HERO - Chest

BBL HERO - Full Arms

BBL HERO - Full Legs


BBL HERO - Neck and Chest

SkinTyte - Arms

SkinTyte - Neck

HA Skin Tightening-Large

HA Skin Tightening-Small

8 Services

Body Contouring Consultation

Facial Consultation

Injectables Consultation

Laser Hair Removal Consultation

Client Consulation

CoolSculpting Consultation

Emsculpt NEO Consultation

Semaglutide Consultation

27 Services

Emsculpt - Abdomen

Emsculpt - Biceps

Emsculpt - Glutes

Emsculpt - Calves

EmSculpt NEO - Triceps

EmSculpt NEO - Abdomen

EmSculpt NEO - Biceps

EmSculpt NEO - Calves

EmSculpt NEO - Outer Thighs

EmSculpt NEO - Back of Thighs

EmSculpt NEO - Glutes

EmSculpt NEO - Front of Thighs

EmSculpt NEO - Inner Thighs

EMTONE - Abdomen

EMTONE - Back of Thighs

EMTONE - Glutes

EMTONE - Front of Thighs

EMTONE - Inner Thighs

EMTONE - Love Handles /Flanks

EMTONE Low Butt/Upper Thigh

EMTONE Upper Arms

Emsculpt - Outer Thighs

Emsculpt - Back of Thighs

Emsculpt - Front of Thighs

Emsculpt - Inner Thighs

Emsculpt NEO- Edge


27 Services

Back Facial

Brightening Facial

Clean Teen Facial


Signature HydraFacial


SkinCeuticals - Nourish and Hydrate Facial

OxyGeneo Facial

Stars Signature Facial


Vitamin C Glow Facial


OxyGeneo - Revive

Diamond Glo

Farmhouse Fresh - Nectar Glo Facial

Farmhouse Fresh - Starry Skin Hemp Facial

ISClinical - Fire and Ice Facial

OxyGeneo - Detox

OxyGeneo - Hydrate

OxyGeneo - Illuminate

Age-Defying Microdermabrasion Facial

JLo- Hydrafacial Booster


Hydrafacial- Bikini

Hydrafacial- Booty

Hydrafacial- Underarms

Insta Glow

13 Services


Follow up- Botox | Dysport


Injectables Consultation




Follow up- FILLER

Botox | Dysport | Daxxify Appointment

Filler Appointment


Lip Flip Special


Laser Hair Removal
39 Services

LHR - Abdomen

LHR - Areolas

LHR - Buttocks

LHR - Ears

LHR - Full Face

LHR - Belly Button Trail

LHR - Bikini Line

LHR - Brazilian

LHR - Chest

LHR - Chin

LHR - Full Arms

LHR - Full Back

LHR - Full Legs

LHR - Hands

LHR - Jawline

LHR - Lower Arm

LHR - Lower Back

LHR - Lower Leg

LHR - Naval

LHR - Neckline

LHR - Shoulders

LHR - Sideburns

LHR - Toes

LHR - Under Arms

LHR - Upper Arms

LHR - Upper Back

LHR - Upper Leg

LHR - Upper Lip

Pico Genesis

Shave before LHR Extra Large

Shave before LHR Large

Shave before LHR Small/Medium

BBL - Forever Bare Large Area

BBL - Forever Bare Medium Area

BBL - Forever Bare Small Area

BBL - Forever Bare X Large Area

LHR - Small Area 6 Sessions

LHR Large Area 6 Sessions

LHR Medium 6 Sessions

Laser Treatments
31 Services

Tattoo Removal

Skin Tag | Lamprobe

BBL Forever Clear - Full Face

BBL Forever Clear - Lesion Specific

BBL Forever Young - Face, Neck and Chest

BBL Forever Young - Full Face

BBL Forever Young - Full Face and Neck

BBL Forever Young - Hands

BBL Forever Young - Upper Arms

BBL HERO - Forever Young+ - F, N & C + SkinTyte

BBL HERO - Forever Young+ - Face and Neck + SkinTy

BBL HERO - Forever Young+ - Face, Neck and Chest

BBL HERO - Forever Young+ - Full Face

BBL HERO - Forever Young+ - Full Face + SkinTyte

BBL HERO - Forever Young+ - Full Face and Neck

Halo - Arms

Halo - Chest

Halo - Face and Neck

Halo - Hands

Halo - Neck

Halo - Neck and Chest

Halo- Face, Neck and Chest

BBL HERO Forever Young -Full Legs

BBL Forever Young- Neck and Chest

Cherry Angioma | Lamprobe

Sebaceous Hyperplasia | Lamprobe

BBL- Forever Young- Chest

Hollywood Spectra- Carbon Facial

Ultra Glow- Lutronic

Co2 Cool Peel

Lutronic- Keralase

Make Up
2 Services

Make up application

Makeup Lesson and Application

Peels|Skin Lightening
7 Services

SkinCeuticals - Advanced Corrective Peel

SkinCeuticals - AHA Peel

SkinCeuticals - Brightening Layered Peel

SkinCeuticals - Clear Layered Peel

SkinCeuticals - Nourish and Hydrate Layered Peel

SkinCeuticals - Smart TCA Peel

Pink Intimate Skin Lightening

24 Services

Laser Lift Pixel


Photo Facial Large

Photo Facial Medium

Photo Facial Small


Venus Viva

Agnes RF

NeoGen PSR

Scarlet SRF



Venus Vivia MD

Sofwave- Brows

Sofwave- Neck

Sofwave-Full Face

Sofwave- Lower Face

Sofwave- Knees

Sofwave- Arms

Sofwave- Chest

Sofwave- Cellulite

Virtue RF




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  • The microderm facial was incredibly relaxing and she was really good at reading the situation. The was there for me. If I didn't want to talk becau...
  • Emily did a great job on my botox injections. Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable.
  • Easy no hassle checkin and very calming polite staff. Felt very comfortable and at peace during my treatments.