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Anti-Cellulite Treatment


Cellulite Treatment partial. Pick one area where you would like to focus reducing the appearance of cellulite

Anti-Cellulite Treatment 60min


Anti-Cellulite Wrap


This all natural mixture targets reduction of cellulite appearance by applying to the affected areas and covered in saran wrap. The solution is left to work with the skin and underlying tissue for up to 40 minutes. Other treatments that can reduce cellulite appearance are
-massages that stimulate lymphatic flow
-heat therapy
-radio frequency therapy
-magnetic therapy
-radial waves therapy
-electrical stimulation

Arbonnes Sea Source Mud Full Body Mask


Using Arbonne's Sea Mud Mask, lather your body in this cruelty-free detoxing mud mask. Removed by Hot Towels to leave your skin conditioned and refreshed

Foot Soak 15 minutes


Relax with a pain relieving foot soak, alone, or before or after any service

Hot Towel Full Body


Receive a hot towel all over the body, for soothing and comfort as well as to clean off excess oils or creams from the body.

Infrared Wrap 40min


Infrared Heat Blanket used to assist with many ailments, helps with minimal weight reduction, penetrates 2 inches deep into the skin to aid as a form of heat therapy for aches and pains. Helps with detox and water loss resulting in loss of inches from 1 to 10 in.

Kur Mud Body Wrap


Applied to the skin is a Mineral Rich Mud from the Dead Sea, drawing out impurities and replenishing nutrients to the skin. Wrapped in a thermal blanket to allow the mud to penetrate andremoved by aromatic Hot Towels and a moisture adding once over massage to leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Moroccan OIl Intense Hydration Wrap


Lathered in Moroccan Oil Brand Intense Hydration Mask and wrapped in a thermal to allow the heat and moisture rich cream to penetrate dry, thirsty skin, revealing softer and smoother skin. Followed with light once over massage to relax you into completion.

Paraffin Wax Dip Hands and Feet


Dip your hands and feet into wax rich with oils to help exfoliate and moisturize the skin

Paraffin Wax Dip Hands or Feet


Dip either the hands or the feet in oil rich wax to exfoliate dead skin and moisturize the skin

Salt Glow Full Body


Get head to toe exfoliation with Arbonne's dead sea salt scrub that is soaked in essential oils and botanicals, hot toweled off. Add to any service

Salt Glow Partial


Add the Salt glow treatment to hands or feet with Arbonne's dead sea salt that is absorbed in essential oils and botanicals to exfoliate and moisturize the skin

Scalp Treatment


Have an extended scalp massage added to any service where we work in Arbonne's Thermal Fusion scalp treatment to condition dry flaky scalp

5 Services

24K Gold Mask


Cleansing Facial


Wash and Toner
Exfoliating new cell scrub
A mask of clients choice, hydrating, deep cleansing, or mud detox
Nuturing Day Lotion with SPF protection
Moisturizing Lip Balm with SPF protection

Deep Cleansing Mask


Add a Deep Cleansing Mask to your facial.

Mini Facial


Add a mini Facial to your service where we apply a daily skin care line

Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C serum applied as add on to facial

Kinesio Taping
1 Service

Kinesio Taping 1 area


33 Services

$49.00 Groupon 60-Minute Swedish, with Scalp Treatment, and Salt Glow Treatment for Feet


$79.00 Groupon 90-Minute Deep Tissue Massage with Hot Stones and Stretching


2018 Winter Special 90min Hot Coconut Oil Massage


2018 Winter Special Aromatherapy Foot Soak with paraffin Dip


2018 Winter Special-30min cleansing facial with 30min massage


4 Handed Massage 60min


Enjoy the pampering of having 2 Massage Therapists performing your service at the same time, included: clients choice of Swedish or Deep Tissue Therapy

Aromatherapy Massage


Add Aromatherapy to your service to enlighten the senses for relaxation

Conditioning Foot Soak


Replenishes moisture , softens, and conditions the sking and help whiten the nails. Hot foot bath ans focused Foot Massage.

Craniosacral Massage


Craniosacral Massage


Deep Tissue 2hr


Deep Tissue 30min


Deep Tissue 60min


Deep Tissue 90min


Eden Experience 2hr


Includes: Hot Stone Swedish Massage with a full body Salt Glow, Scalp Treatment, and Facial

Free Massage Special/ 30 Days Healthy Living

Receive your free 60 minute relaxation massage when you order Arbonne essentials 30 Day Boot Camp Kit.

Hot Coconut Oil


Add Hot Organic Coconut Oil to your service

Hot Stone Partial 1 area


Need a little extra help loosening up particularly tight areas, add hot stones to work on those hard to loosen areas

Hot Stones Full Body


Make your service a Hot Stone Massage with all over Hot stone therapy

Lymph Drainage Massage


Add lymph cupping to increase circulation and help rid and detoxify the body. Done in one area

Lymphatic Drainage Massage 60min


Great for detox and circulation.

Pregnancy Massage 30min


Pregnancy Massage 60min


Pregnancy Massage 90min


Reflexology 30min


Reflexology 60miin


Salt Stone and Earth Massage 75min


A 75 minute full body service includes head to toe hot stone massage with full body Salt Glow and full body detoxing Mud mask and hot towels.

Sports Massage 30min


Sports Massage 60min


Swedish Massage 2hr


Swedish Massage 30min


Swedish Massage 60min


Swedish Massage 90min


1 Service

Add Wine and Chocolates


Include Wine and Chocolates to any service

Wellness or Integrative
1 Service



Therapy designed to work pressure points throughout the body that correlate and stimulate other parts of the body to relieve tension and problems with the associated area


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