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  • Because i “met” Andrea thru KT Steadman, and appreciated her spirit.
  • NB
  • Book club was a gorgeous safe space for all to share and explore these very important topics at hand. Thanks again!
  • I enjoyed meeting Andrea and appreciate her mission for Satori and her accessibility, transparency and desire to better her communities. I'd like to see Satori survive thru this time!
  • Good class. Accessible. Mind and body work
  • I took the Power Flow class with Brielle and it was both challenging and centering. I'm hoping to attend tomorrow's 10am vinyasa class.
  • Satori has made the transition to Zoom yoga classes so easy. Megan W. is an awesome instructor!
  • I was at the book club and would definitely give it a 10. I thought it was led from a place of inquiry insight and compassion.