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Hair Care
3 Services

" Traveling Lice Treatments":


"Help me, Detangle!"


unmanageable tangle or matted
(*inquired about price )

"Lice Checks":


Hair Styling
6 Services

"Curl’z, Please!”


"I Love French Braids"


French braids,cornrows
(includes different color beads and lanyard)

"Mommy needs a blow out"


just a blow out

"Twist Me up ":


loc’s (dreads) start up, retouch

Temporary Hairspray Color and Extension


“Make it Straight”


styled and flatiron

4 Services

"Mommy & Daddy Needs A Cut "


"My First Hair Cut Ever "


'Its Time For A Cut'


“I Just Need A Little Bangs Trim”


bangs trimmed

5 Services

‘I Think It’s Time for a Pedicure’:


"Can I Have A Manicures, Please”


Age 5 andUp

“Make me Up”


“My First Mini me Mani”


“Super Star Mani and Pedi Glam Mix”


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Pinkyz Place

Salon / Hair Care

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Brooklyn, NY 11201
United States

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Tue, Fri: 10:00am - 1:00pm

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