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2 Services

A. Wellness Coaching 1 - Hour


Start the journey that you have been putting off and regain control of your health. Health coaching is all about you. We help you set personal goals and outline an effective strategy to achieve those goals.

B. Wellness Coaching 30 - Minute


Continue your journey towards improved health with these targeted visits to help keep you on track and moving forward toward your goals. 

6 Services

A. New Patient 90 Minute Massage


B. New Patient 60 Minute Massage


C. Massage 90 Minutes


Treat yourself to this extended treatment which allows extra time for our therapist to focus on those areas of stress, tension and/or pain.

D. Massage 60 Minutes


The quintessential treatment to go along with any wellness plan. This treatment involves a full body massage or allows for more focused work on areas of need.

E. Massage 120 Minutes


This ultimate treatment experience allows time for a full body massage as well as focused attention to those areas of stress, tension and/or pain.

F. Massage 30 Minutes


Targeted Massage - We treat specific areas to provide the most beneficial relief in the right areas and allow you to continue on with your day.

Medical Services
5 Services

A. New Patient Visit


At your first visit we take additional time to get to know you, your health history, concerns, and goals for your health.This process is what sets Naturopathic medicine aside from most health care encounters. We take the time so we can personalize your care to help best achieve your goals.

B. Free Consult - Prospective Patients

In person consult to discuss how Dr. Wojciak and Mountain Medicine can aid in your health goals!

C. Follow-up Visit


Once we set goals and develop a personalized care plan in your initial visit, follow-up visits will be generally shorter in nature, yet longer than your typical doctor visit. We want to be sure to have the time to address all of your needs, evaluate progress, and provide thorough continued care on your progress towards becoming your healthiest self.

D. Blood Draw Appt.

For established patients. Additional lab/testing fee may apply.

E. Biocomp Blood Draw



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