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  • I really enjoyed Stacey's routine and coaching. It was all doable yet challenging.
  • Find carryover into today with yesterday's practice!!
  • Johanna is a magical human and delightful yoga teacher.
  • Liz is AMAZING. She has a wonderful and calming voice and it is so needed right now. And the piano during shivasana! And her kitty! She is a fierce and beautiful angel!!!!!!! Thank you for providing livestream during this challenging time!
  • Great instructor, great value
  • Mostly the kindness and warmth expressed in your emails and website. From this specific virtual class the teacher kept a pace that was easy enough to follow while moving my laptop to different positions and all the other distracting adjustments when following along online. Felt I got a good session physically while basking in the teacher's empathy. Thanks for offering these streaming classes!
  • All great. I would only do 10 for something really extraordinary.
  • I’m a big fan of the studio and an even bigger fan of Shawna! Thank you for offering these virtual classes during this challenging global health crisis. Please stay safe and. stay well. Namaste 🙏🏼