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Hair Care
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B-3 Bond Builder Treatment


B3 Bond Builder is typically done as an ad-on service to a color/chemical service, but can be done as a stand-alone service as well.

"Brazilian Blowout created b3 Brazilian Bond Builder, which realigns all three bonds that make up the hair. This includes the disulphide bonds, salt bonds, and hydrogen bonds, according to Alfredo Lewis, who is the global director of education of Brazilian Professionals.

Alfredo Lewis says: “Realigning all three bonds reduces damage to the cellular membrane complex. The cellular membrane complex is like an adhesive that keeps the layers of the cuticle of the hair stuck together. When the cellular membrane complex loses the “stickiness” it allows the hairs cortex to become exposed.The cellular membrane complex can deteriorate from heat damage, chemical services or mechanical damage.When the cortex is exposed our hair lacks shine, breaks off and splits easily.When hair color is applied to our hair the cortex is affected and if the bonds that make up the cellular membrane complex are not realigned the hair is subject to damage.”

The b3 Brazilian Bond Builder is one step, which consists of the product being mixed into any color formula to prevent breakage during chemical services.It works on strengthening the inner structure of the hair.

When the cellular membrane complex is realigned by b3 Brazilian Bond Builder your hair color will be more vibrant and the hair color will last longer because the cuticle is sealed so the pigment gets locked inside the hair."

Condition/Protein Treatment


Consider adding this wonderful treatment if you want healthier, smoother, shinier hair..., or just want a special treat for yourself.

Keratin Treatments / Smoothing / Some call it Straighteners (By Consultation)


Keratin Treatments are booked & charged by the hour @ approximately $100 per hour, which includes professional product.Final pricing is by consultation only.
Price provided above reflects a 2 & 1/2 hour process.
(So, please call the salon to set up an in person consultationwith our stylist, and to book this service.)
Or, call salon once you have booked this service online to set up an in person consultation with our stylist.

Perm Wave (Partial)


Perm Wave Designer Wraps (Add On Service)


Perm Wave Full (Long Hair)


Perm Wave Full (Medium Hair)


Perm Wave Full (Short Hair)


Shampoo Service - A stand-alone service


Shampoo & light Towel-Dry only as a stand-alone service.
(Sometimes you just want to feel clean)
No blow-dry or Styling included in this service, but those other services are available.

Note - Additional services are available, Blow-dry / Blow-out / Styling, but at additional cost and time.Call the salon or speak with your stylist for other options and prices for additional styling services.

If you want more pampering, consider our BLOWOUT Service, at a cost of about $40.00 on average, which includes the shampoo service.BLOWOUTS are great for getting ready for a night out, or when you want your hair to be ready for a semi-special occasion..., or no occasion at all.

Hair Color
23 Services



This service final price is by consultation only.Price and time shown is a general approximation.We will quote price after consultation, prior to starting the service.But no worries, we aim to please, and we are the color experts.

In Balayage, there are dark pieces left on the bottom to create dimension and a more natural look. This technique looks like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair. The transition is more natural and it is less maintenance than an ombre.

Ombré is a popular look defined by hair that is dark at the root, and blends into a lighter and lighter shade as it gets to the ends. To achieve this stark dark-to-light dip-dyed look, a stylist will use the balayage or hair painting technique.

Cap Highlight - Full Head


When a foil highlight just isn't what you want, the cap highlight may do the trick. If it's what you want, it's what you will get, we aim to please.

Cap Highlight-Partial


Some only need a partial cap highlight to add that certain flair,
and you know who you are.Your affinity for the cap highlight is safe with us.

Color (Corrective Color) BY CONSULTATION ONLY


So you messed up your hair color.The good news is, we can help.

Corrective color final pricing is by in person consultation only.
Price and length of service provided here is an approximation.

So go ahead & book your appointment online, but
please call the salon as soon as you book this corrective service, so we can get a look at your funny hair color;but mostly so you can consult with our skilled colorist/stylist regarding a plan of action prior to your appointment date and time.

Then RELAX, we are The Color Experts, and we can help.

Color (Retouch)


Color (Whole Head) Long Hair Length


Color (Whole Head) Medium Length Hair


Color (Whole Head) Short Hair


Color/Tint Eyebrows (W/Out Hair Color)


You may book this service if you just need your eyebrows colored, but DON'T need your hair colored on the same visit.

Color/Tint Eyebrows (With Hair Color)


You may book this service as an additional service to your hair color service.

Highlight Foil (Virgin Full Head)


Highlights Foil (Retouch Full Head)


Highlights Foil (Retouch Partial)


Highlights Foil (Virgin Partial)


Low Lights Foil (Per Foil)


This is an add-on service with other services like color and cut.

Low Lights Foil (Retouch Full Head)


Low Lights Foil (Retouch Partial)


Low Lights Foil (Virgin Full Head)


Low Lights Foil (Virgin Partial)


Men's Color - Camouflage


Semi-Permanent Color


Shimmer Lights By Framesi


Want a little extra "Shimmer" after your color?Take some hair strands up to two shades lighter, quickly, at the end of your service.Just ask for it.No foils needed for this end of service magic.

Prices starts at $25 & up..., your stylist will help you decide how much you need.

This is an add-on service.

Toner / Glaze


$22 & up

Hair Extensions
1 Service

Hair Extension Consultation - Tape-In Extensions


Book this service for your hair extension consultation.Your $30.00 is refundable when your extension service has been completed, and paid in full.

Hair Extension Services are approximately $100 Per Hour.Time and final price by in-salon consultation only.Product (extensions) sold separately, and are non refundable.

Hair Removal
7 Services

Wax (Brow & LIp)


Wax (Brow)


Wax (Brow, LIp, & Chin)


Wax (Chin)


Wax (Full Face) Brow, Lip, Chin, Side Face


Wax (Lip)


Wax (Sides Face)


Hair Styling
7 Services

Curling Iron (Add-On Service Only)


This is an add-on to other services as needed.

Flat Iron (Add-On Service Only)


This is an add-on service only, as needed.



This is a starting price, Includes consultation, and product use.
Let's get creative...

Woman's Blowout (Long Hair - Extra)


Shampoo, Style, & ready for anything.

Woman’s Blowout (Long Hair)


Shampoo, Style, & ready for anything.

Woman’s Blowout (Medium Length Hair)


Shampoo, Style, & ready for anything.

Woman’s Blowout (short Hair)


Shampoo, Style, & ready for anything.

11 Services

Bang Trim/Neck Trim/Beard Trim


Bang Trim appointments Include appropriate customer/stylist consultation. Communication is the key to happy bangs.

So let's talk bangs.

Child's Haircut (12 & under)


Okay Mom & Dad, we all know It's not as cheap as _______ down the road, but here you know the little ones will leave looking like the well groomed children you always hoped for.

So relax, leave it up to the skilled Stylist at Me Too, have a good cup of coffee, and if you feel really naughty, We Have Brownies.

And don't forget to make that appointment for yourself.You are probably due for a Conditioning treatment, and that grey hair peeking through is starting to get a little obvious.:-)

Men's Hair Cut


Includes before or after cut shampoo, hot towel treatment, and quick shoulder massage.

You read that correctly.

Woman's Shampoo, Haircut (Short Hair)


Woman's Shampoo, Haircut (Long Hair - Extra)


Women's shampoo, haircut (Extra Long Hair)

Woman's Shampoo, Haircut, Style (Long Hair - Extra)


Women's shampoo, haircut & Style (Extra Long Hair)

Woman’s Shampoo, Haircut (Long Hair)


Woman’s Shampoo, Haircut (Medium Length Hair)


Woman’s Shampoo, Haircut, Style (Long Hair)


Woman’s Shampoo, Haircut, Style (Short Hair)


Woman’s Shampoo, Haircut, Style (medium length)


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