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Hair Color
1 Service

Gray Blending


A subtle grey blending process to add youth and life back into your hair, camouflaging white hair to provide that classy “salt-and-pepper” look.
Washes out uniformly, so you won’t have to worry about roots or lines.Prices may vary upon length of hair

Hair Styling
1 Service

Hair Relaxer


A chemical relaxer to tame your unruly curls or kinky hair

14 Services

Bald Fade


A trendy men’s taper fade cut. By buzzing the hair on the sides down to the skin, your barber creates a simple, low-maintenance hairstyle

Classic Buzz


Detailed single guard clipper short cut; no scissor work.Includes hot towel razor neck shave.

Classic Buzz and Beard Trim


Classic Buzz and Beard Trim w/ Razor Line-Up


Classic Buzz and Shave




Haircut & Beard Trim


Haircut & Beard Trim w/ Razor Line-Up


Haircut & Shave Special


The full experience including our signature haircut and traditional straight razor shave

Head Shave


Traditional fresh and clean straight razor head shave

Little Guy


Haircuts for our young gents ages 4-12 years old

Long Haircut


Haircuts on hair lengths to or beyond the shoulders. Prices may vary

Royal Hangover Treatment


Royal experience including our signature haircut, traditional straight razor shave, and relaxing facial treatment

Scissor Cut


A haircut using shears only.Shampoo and conditioning treatment available upon request

Men's Grooming
3 Services

Beard Trim with Razor Line-Up


Beard trim with a razor line-up for that well-groomed look

Hot Towel Facial Treatment


A relaxing experience with face wash, toner and hot towel

Traditional Shave


Time-honored straight razor face shave w/ soothing hot towel

2 Services

Eyebrow Maintenance


When your brows need a basic tune-up. Waxing between the brows and trimming.

Eyebrow Tailoring


Enhance your brows with a complete shaping



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  • My hair was cut exactly how I wanted it. Einstein didn't start cutting until he was sure of what I wanted.