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  • Jae was amazing!
  • Evana was amazing and even changed her schedule to accommodate mine! Thank you! - Christopher from San Diego
  • Laura was able to see the problem with my posture right away and confirmed her hypothesis through the massage treatment. I am already feeling better.
  • David and his team are true professionals, healers and experts. I would and do recommend them to everyone I know.
  • This is without a doubt the deepest and most effective massage practice I've ever come across. Addicted
  • omer takes a direct approach to healing. he knows the body very well. he talks to you, not just about symptoms and pain, but tries to truly understand the source of your problem, and then in therapy applies an individually-tailored hybrid of techniques to resolve it.
  • David is an intuitive healer. I'm looking forward to visiting again next time I'm in NYC.
  • The owner and staff of Bodyworks DW are clearly knowledgeable and execute their craft with skill and precision. I arrived with significant back pain and left with noticeable improvement from a pain and mobility perspective. It is clear they understand how to help the body heal and achieve overall wellness. I look forward to future visits.
  • David's insightful, masterful work heals. He guides the client to understand not only the body but also the emotions and patterns that lead to discomfort. I highly recommend David.
  • David is without a doubt, the best massage therapist I have ever gone to. I have severe daily pain my neck, shoulder, and lower back and after going to several massage therapists and chiropractors, David was the first to notice causes that no one has pointed out before. More so, each session I feel like we addressed a major area of the issue that both helps relieve the pain as well as helps me to notice and correct my behavior. Also aside from quality of care, David's policy on gratuity also sets him apart from any other massage therapist I've visited. I can't recommend David any more strongly. Go see him, you won't regret it.


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