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Hair Care
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The color is painted into your hair to give it a subtle transition into the color.

Bang Trim


Blow Dry


Brow Maintenance


Plucking those few pesky hairs you get between brow shaping appointments. Tweezing is performed by our professionally trained and licensed staff. Makeup services can be performed directly after tweezing.

Child (13 Under)


Color Correction


Color correction can vary depending on your personal situation. This correction is for those of us who have contrasting color in our hair and would like to make it even. This proses can be time consuming because the base coat must be even so that the desired color can be achieved.



Double Process


It is for those who are bold and ready to go a whole lot lighter. Fist proses is to lift the original color, then toner to create the color that you desire. The platinum blond is calling.

Full Highlights


It is for those who would like to go lighter with color variation but still maintain a natural look.



Head Spa


Scalp massage is great for simulating hair growth and relaxation.

Inphenom treatment


Intricately Braided


On prewashed hair includes regular braided full updo, Dutch braid, fish tail, and more bring in a picture to reference back to.

Japanese Straightening


Announcing customized Japanese Straightening for all hair types. Weather you want to control the frizz or get rid of that curl all together Yuka Style has a team of dedicated stylist that will blow your hair away!

Keratin Treatment


Treatments are offered for those of us that want to treat our hair to a rejuvenation session. Many times we damage our hair without even knowing. So weather it’s with heat, dye, or even too much sun, our hair can always use a little touch of affection to maintain its natural flow.

Little Miss Glam Blowout


LITTLE MISS GLAM (12 & under).

Little Miss Glam Updo


LITTLE MISS GLAM (12 & under).

Men's Haircut




One Color Proc w/ HL


One Color Process


Usually is considered a root touch up or a allover single color.

Partial Highlights


Half highlight will help brighten and add dimension usually to the top of the hair to make the hair look naturally sun kissed.

Simple Braid


On prewashed hair





Wedding Style


Women's Haircut


Shampoo, conditioner, blowout, and casual styling

4 Services

Celebrity Make-Up


Includes full face makeup that is specifically applied so that you are ready to take on the cameras with confidence while attending your special event. Takes about 60 min to apply.

Full Face Make-Up


Includes foundation, powder, blush, concealer, bronzer, eye shadow, eyeliner, mascara, and lip color.

Little Miss Glam Makeup


Customized to the little girls that don’t need heavy makeup just a little pampering. LITTLE MISS GLAM (12 & under).

On the Go


This service is for those who are running a little short on time but still want to look their best our experts will transform you in 20 min. Includes sheer coverage, powder, blush, light concealer, lip color, brow fill, and mascara.


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