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BellaFill for Acne Scar Consultation

Botox Appointment

Appointment for Botox administration by doctor. Amount and cost determined during visit.

Cosmetic Medical Consultation with Doctor

Cosmetic Medical Consultation for anti-aging treatments.

Double Chin Fat Treatment Consultation

Discuss your options to treat your double-chin / fat with either Kybella or Coolsculpting.

Dysport Injection Appointment

Appointment with doctor for Dysport administration to remove lines and wrinkles. Amount and Cost is determined at appointment.

Filler treatment any - Juvederm - Restylane - Radiesse

Treatment by doctor with Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse, Bellotero, Silk, etc....Any area.Product, treatment plan, and cost will be discussed during visit.

Hyaluronidase Filler Disolve


Disolve Hyaluronic acid based fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Belotero

Juvederm Voluma Treatment

Juvederm Voluma treatment injections by doctor. Treatment plan and cost will be determined at visit.

Lip Augmentation Injection

Injection of lips by doctor with filler.Treatment plan and cost will be determined at visit.

Peri-oral line injection - Bellotero

Injection with Bellotero for fine lines around mouth - treatment plan and cost determined at visit

Radiesse Filler Injection

Injection with Radiesse filler for lines and wrinkles and volume.Treatment plan and cost will be determined at time of visit.

Ultherapy Consult

Free consultation with doctor to discuss Ultherapy procedure.Booking of procedure must be done by calling office directly.

Xeomin Appointment

Appointment with doctor for Xeomin administration to remove lines and wrinkles. Amount and cost determined during appointment.

18 Services

Carboxy Treatment


Carbon dioxide, vitamins and antioxidants are infused into the skin leaving your face noticeably hydrated with visible age defying results. Your skin will look and feel instantly rejuvenated with improved firmness.

Carboxy Treatment and Facial


Carbon dioxide, vitamins and antioxidants are infused into the skin leaving your face noticeably hydrated with visible age defying results. Your skin will look and feel instantly rejuvenated with improved firmness, combined with our signature facial.

Collagen Facial


Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling)


Also known as Microneedling, or Rejuvapen Microneedling. Uniform micro-channels are created in the skin to encourage the body's innate ability to re-grow and repair itself by producing new collagen and elastin. Your skin becomes firmer, fine lines are reduced and pores are minimized. This process is used to treat hyperpigmentation, stretch marks and acne scarring. It can also be combined with our Carbon Dioxide Treatment.



This unique treatment removes light downy facial hair while completely exfoliating the treated area, leaving the skin baby soft. Not only will you achieve smoother, brighter skin, but it will also help remove peach fuzz.

Glycolic/Salicylic Peel


An application of Alpha Hydroxy in gradually increasing intensity and duration releases dead skin cells, encouraging the growth of new cells and the production of collagen. This peel does not cause the skin to physically peel, but it is used to decrease the appearance of fine lines and hyper pigmentation, blend uneven skin tones and diminish acne.

Illuminize Peel


Also known as our "Red Carpet" Peel, this delivers a nice "glow" to the skin immediately. This mild peel exfoliates dead skin cells in a similar manner that microdermabrasion performs but without the abrasiveness of the crystals. The result is illuminated skin without any peeling or downtime. Ideal for individuals who want something more invasive than a facial but cannot have the downtime of peeling.

LED Light Therapy


Mesoderm Facial




Microdermabrasion/Glycolic Peel Facial


This facial is perfect for aging skin that is dealing with a loss of elasticity, enlarged pores, and pigmentation. Fine lines are left smooth after a deep microdermabrasion or glycolic exfoliation, leaving your skin look and feeling immediately refreshed.

Neck and Chest Peel


Rejuvenize Peel


Skin Medica's Rejuvenize Peel will help you achieve a clearer, brighter, and more youthful glow to your skin. This peel is prescription strength and is the stronger peel between this and the Vitalize. It will have a direct biologic effect on the skin.

Sculplla Filler Facial


  • Pain Free
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens and lifts the skin
  • Stimulates collagen growth
  • Improves skin tone
  • Long lasting results

Signature Facial


A customized facial to address the individual needs of your skin. It begins with a skin analysis followed by deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extractions. This facial hydrates the skin by using products that penetrate the skin’s surface, leaving your skin radiant. It is followed by a face and neck massage to soothe and rejuvenate you

Stem Cell Facial


Our signature facial, but a step up - our unique Stem Cell mask increases elasticity, smooths skins texture, regenerates the skins cells, nourishes the skin while it hydrates, reduces inflammation, and more.

VIP Facial


Our newest facial is the ultimate -- includes cleansing, your choice of either a Medical Grade Microdermabrasion or Glycolic Peel, steaming, gentle extractions, our Hydrating Collagen Mask and our LED Light Therapy, all in one treatment!

Vitalize Peel


Skin Medica's Vitalize Peel will help you achieve a clearer, brighter and more youthful glow to your skin. It is prescription strength and has a direct biologic effect on the skin.

Laser Treatments
1 Service

Spot Zap


Medical Services
1 Service

Hyperhydrosis (Excessive Sweating) Treatment


Consultation with doctor about treatment for hyperhydrosis (excessive sweating underarms)

Medical Spa Treatments
3 Services

Clear and Brilliant Laser - Skin Consultation

Learn more about the revolutionary, gentle laser that fights the effects of aging skin. Get the perfect, powerful enhancements to your skincare regimen, clinically proven to make skin look and feel young. Our free consultation will help you find out if Clear + Brilliant is right for you.

Coolsculpting Consultation

FREE 15-20 minute consultation with one of our CoolSculpting Specialists to discuss CoolSculpting and whether or not it's right for you.

Double Chin Treatment Consultation

Free consultation to discuss available double chin treatments (Kybella and Cool Mini)

Wellness or Integrative
1 Service

B12 Shot


B12 - Methylcobalamin 2MG IM Injection


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