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OPTION 1: Quick call - 15 minutes

This option will block out 15 minutes for us to chat. We may not take that long. Just FYI, if it seems like we'll exceed the 15 minutes, we may have to schedule a 2nd conversation.

OPTION 2: About 30 minutes

Longer than a quick call, this option may be for you. Not sure how long we'll be chatting? Play it safe and choose option 3. I'd rather overbook our time than have to cut you off.

OPTION 3: Book an hour

This will block out an hour on my schedule, but we're not committing to chatting for the full time. It simply allows us the time we need so we're not rushed and helps me better manage my schedule.

For appointments before 8am (I'm working by 6am), between 5pm-7pm, or on the weekends, email me for availability at


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