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Hair Care
2 Services

Deep Conditioning Treatments/Chlorine Removal


Prices range from $25 and up depending on length and thickness of hair.



Shampoo and condition hair (blow dry may be added for an extra fee) $10-$15 depending on length and thickness of hair.

Hair Color
2 Services



Base color/roots starts at $65 and up.



Highlights, foils, weave starts at $100 to $200

Hair Extensions
1 Service

Feathers-color hair extensions-tinsels


Hair color extensions, feathers, tinsel. Applied with a small strand of hair with an extension bead.

Hair Styling
5 Services

Special Occasion Hairstyling


Curling iron, flat iron, up-do's, braiding, buns, and extra styling.
$40 to $65, depending on time, thickness of hair and requested style. Shampoo/blow dry available for an extra fee $15 to $25. Come with a button up shirt so as not to disrupt hairstyle when changing into special occasion outfit.



Braids, french braids, fish tail braids, sweetheart braids. $35 and up.

Children's blow dry


Blow dry styling (shampoo not included) extra fee of $10 to $15



Detangling , combing out tangles and or cutting out matted hair and conditioning and shampooing and drying starts at $65 up to $200. depends on length of hair and amount of tangles and time of service
Haircut is extra fee , not included.

Shampoo and Blow dry (teens-adults)


Prices range $20-$45 depending on length of hair, thickness and style.

13 Services

tween/teen / long hair or thick hair etc.


Teen/tweens haircuts $35 -$50.
Shampoo and Blow dry available for a extra fee ($10 to $35)

Adult Bang Trim


cut bangs only

Adult Haircut


Starts at $35, up to $50 depending on length, thickness and style.

Adult shampoo & haircut &blow dry


Includes shampoo & condition hair, cut and blow dry. Short hair starts at $35 up to $65 depending on hair length, thickness and style. extra $10 for very long or thick hair.

Baby's First Haircut


$32 to $35 (includes Diploma, Keepsake lock of hair & photo) children 2 and under

tips: allow a 15 minutes arrival time prior to haircut appointment, giving your child time to acclimate and check out the salon and play before getting into the chair.

Buzz Cut(no scissors)


No scissors involved just clippers one size guard only, NO FADES.
Prices range from $25 and up based on length of hair and style.

Children 5 and under Haircuts($33 and up depending on style length, thickness


prices start at 33$ up to $40

Children 6 and over Haircuts($34 and up depending on style length, thickness


$34-$35 Kids Haircuts Ages 6 and over

Children's Bang Trim


Children's First Haircut


$35 to $50 includes diploma, keepsake lock of hair and photo. Come with clean, conditioned, detangled hair. extra fee for shampoo, condition, or detangling ($10 to $35)

Children's haircut +shampoo/blowdry


Child's haircut includes shampoo/blow dry ($38 to $55) Prices to be determined by length and thickness of hair. Detangling is extra ($10 to $30)

Fades/Clipper Cuts


Prices starting at $25-35 and up depending on length of hair and style.



Cutting hair to the length and specifications of the donation. Then cutting hair into a new style. (shampoo not included, may be added for extra fee)


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