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Eyebrow Tinting


Our experienced estheticians will customize a color to match and enhance your natural brow color.

Eyebrow Wax


Consult, wax, trim, tweeze & powder fill-in if needed

8 Services

Arm Wax- Underarms


Daily shaving with razors can leave the underarms feeling sore and irritated. Why not try waxing them instead? The results over time are softer, more fine, sparse regrowth of hair.

Back Wax- Full- Men


Bikini Wax- Women


The Classic Bikini wax removes the hair on your bikini line. This includes approximately, four fingers outside of the bikini line and one to two finger inside the bikini line.

Brazilian Wax- Women


The Brazilian Bikini wax leaves you completely bare, literally. All hair is removed from front to back, and also includes your happy trail below your belly button.

Leg Wax- Bottom half- Women


Lower legs are waxed, including the knees upon request

Leg Wax- Full- Women


Full Leg Wax including top of the feet and toes

Leg wax- Inner Thigh's- Women


Stomach & Chest Wax- Men



Wild Kitty Waxing


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  • Jessica is AMAZING and super duper nice. ive come here for around a year now and its always an amazing experience whether with Jessica or Erica :)