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Flip Your Focus w/ Coach Susie


Work through the Clear Inner Focus tool with a Coach and receive clarity, support and your next step.

Life Coaching

Get coaching when you have the desire to make a change in your life; when you feel stuck and you are ready to make a commitment to the process. With a positive accountability partner, you will receive guidance during the process this creates an environment to facilitate the practice of releasing the old patterns and being open to new. (6 month commitment receive package discount and complimentary one hour service)

Life Coaching


When you have the desire to make a change in your life; you may feel stuck and you are ready to make a commitment to the process.When you have a positive accountability partner, and receive guidance during the process it creates an environment to facilitate the practice of releasing the old patterns and being open to new. (Receive a savings when you purchase a series of three)

Life Coaching-Consultation

Discover what a Coaching session feels like.Determine if our styles match.Create a plan and intention to take your next step toward your desire and allow for the action to unfold.

TRY IT 30 Min Coaching


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A White Sage Facial


A luxurious facial designed to cleanse, exfoliate and re–hydrate the skin while providing stress relief and relaxation. A therapeutic and relaxing treatment tailored to suit specific skin types. Unwind with steam and exfoliation. Includes extractions. Recharge with a shoulder, neck, facial, hand and arm massage.Service will be designed specifically for you.



Oxygen facial is designed to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate. In addition to a customized serum to breathe life into your skin. The serum will be penetrated deep into the skin with My Skin Buddy and innovative red light treatment to naturally stimulate collagen and elastin and minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. REIKI add on will re-energize your soul.

Back Facial


Get at those hard to reach places with the skin treatment for the back. Designed to bring purity and balance to the skin on the back. This treatment will focus on cleansing, skin exfoliation, back massage and mask therapy. Perfect for men or women if you are having skin challenges on your back, or for a special occasion.

Cranberry Anti-Oxidant Facial


A wonderfully aromatic antioxidant facial using Salvia products infused with tea and cranberry extracts to counter the damaging effects of free–radicals, stress and sun exposure. A stimulating pumpkin enzyme will refine the skin clearing it of impurities.A cranberry serum will be massaged into the skin followed by a cranberry mask infuses skin with moisture and leaves it dewy, glowing and fresh! Not recommended for highly sensitive skin.

Eye Treatment


Reduce fine lines and wrinkle with a powerful collagen infused mask.Add this treatment to any facial or simply experience it alone.

Facial 30 Minute


Gentleman's Facial


Daily stress, fatigue and pollution can leave you feeling lifeless. The relaxing and cleansing powers of this face treatment can restore a well–groomed, vigorous appearance–important to a man's personal and professional success. Designed especially for men, this treatment includes steaming towels, face, shoulder & facial massage, as well as a scalp massage.Service will be designed specifically for you.

Mango & Avocado Facial


A natural products used.Great facial for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin. Will revitalize, hydrate and reduce sensitivity and redness.Includes steam, extractions, relaxing shoulder and facial massage.Organic mango/avocado mask.Service will be designed specifically for you.



This facial uses only organic products and is designed for all skin types, perfect for sensitive, reactive to acnaic.These wonderfully formulated products will reduce redness in the skin and promote natural healing and re-balancing of the tissue.The soothing serum and mask will re-hydrate and calm you.You and your skin will be naturally massaged into perfect balance.

Over the Moon-REIKI FACIAL


Enjoy all the customized benefits of the White Sage facial with the added level of relaxation and healing of Reiki. Reiki healing energy will flow throughout the facial, with a more concentrated Reiki session while masking. You will reach a whole new level of relaxation and leave feeling very renewed from your head to your soul.

Over the Moon-TLC VITAMIN C


Bring vitality, brightness, hydration and Vitamin C to your skin with the natural regenerating anti-oxidants of Vitamins.The wonderful natural citrus aromas will wake your senses.The vitamin C enzyme will gently exfoliate and rehydrate and add essential antioxidants.A powerful organic serum of Ferulic acid, two types of vitamin C, and resveratrol, will be infused into the skin finished with a calming Anti-Oxidant mask.Perfect for dry, sensitive, dehydrated skin that needs a boost of vitamins, minerals and TLC.

Oxygen Facial


This luxurious oxygen skin care treatment infuses oxygen, plant-derived stem cells, peptides and a high concentration of enzymatic botanicals into the skin leaving it luminous, refreshed and rejuvenated. Includes skin refining peel, massage, parafin hand treatment, foot and scalp massage.

Photo Rejuvenation-MINI Youth Light LED


Buy a series of 6for $150 and SAVE $25 ea. Turn back the hands of time on one troublesome area on the face.Soften crow's feet, lines around the lips, or that troublesome crease between the eyes or forehead.Great for targeted areas this treatment can easily be added on to a facial or stop in for a quick treatment weekly.You will be amazed at the difference light makes on smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
Treatments every 7-10 days for 6 weeks.

Photo Rejuvenation-Youth Light LED


A scientific, holistic and non–invasive approach to minimize fine lines and wrinkles. Youth Light promotes the production of collagen and elastin. Your skin feels firmer and becomes more hydrated.Plumps up fine lines and wrinkles, decreases age spots, slows the progression of Rosacea, without any downtime or discomfort.Entire face and neck are treated.Treatments are every 7–10 days for 6 weeks.

Pumpkin Power Facial


Delight your senses and noticeably improve your skin texture and radiance. Naturally occurring enzymes found in pumpkin pulp smooths and infuses the skin with vitamins. A customized anti-aging mask, and complimentary paraffin hand treatment. Your skin will be radiant.

Renewal Facial


The steam and exfoliation will renew you and your skin.As well as your choice of a relaxing massage or therapeutic extractions.A customized mask will refine the look of your skin.Service will be designed specifically for you.

Rosacea Facial


An effective and tailored facial treatment designed to soothe red, dry, irritated skin. Excellent if you have Rosacea or highly sensitive skin. Includes a facial, shoulder, neck, hand, arm and scalp massage. Service will be designed specifically for you.

Skin Refining Peel


Skin Refining or Chemical peels are a category of advanced clinical skin rejuvenation treatments that aid in reversing damaged skin due to factors such as aging, sun exposure and eliminating acne. (Purchase a series of 6 for best results and save)

Summer Oxygen Facial


Summer Oxygen facial designed to exfoliate, illuminate and oxygenate. In addition to a customized serum to breathe life into your summer skin. 

Turnaround Time Max Stem Cell Facial


A rejuvenating anti-aging facial that addresses dryness, loss of vitality and elasticity. Excellent for anyone experiencing skin changes due to aging or sun damage. The Max products contain active plant stem cells, with a 48 hr. time release technology.Your skin will look and feel radiant.A paraffin hand treatment, foot massage, and scalp massage completes this ultimate facial.

Turnaround Time w Gentle Fruit Peel & DNA Mask


This facial is designed to brighten, hydrate and prevent hyper pigmentation for all skin types. This amazing exfoliation process with apple malic acid, ferulic and vitamin C will combat many signs of aging, and stimulate collagen production.Experiencedeep relaxation while high levels of vitamin C and ferulic serum are massaged into your skin resulting in anti-oxidant protection. The finishing touch of a DNA organic apple smoothing masque with a triple effect of heat, then cold and then firming the skin will be completely rejuvenated. You will receive an amazingneck,shoulder, facial massage includes paraffin hand treatment and scalp & foot massage.

Turnaround Time w Seaweed Infused Mask & Calming Serum


A rejuvenating facial treatment that addresses dehydration and sensitivity. Excellent for anyone experiencing skin changes due to menopause or rosacea.A Seaweed infused mask will infuse the skin with rich minerals, and a calming serum will be massaged deep into the skin. A paraffin hand treatment, foot massage, and scalp massage completes this ultimate facial.

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Raindrop & Reiki


Deeply healing service combines theessence of essential oils directly to the spinal column where it is believed that viruses and bacteria lie dormant until the immune system weakens. The oils create an environment that is not hospitable to these “foreign” agents in our bodies and causes them to be eliminated naturally. The Reiki expands and accelerates your body's natural healing on all levels resulting in physical, mental and emotional balance.

Raindrop Therapy


The combination of Raindrop techniques, acupressure and massage, makes this a powerful healing therapy, allowing the physical system to achieve a deep state of relaxation, thus enabling one to find inner peace where healing can occur. Oils may continue to heal the body for about 5–7 days beyond treatment.

Reflexology Massage


Acupressure massage working on the soles of the feet to help balance the body by stimulating pressure points to release areas of imbalance within the body.

Reiki Distant Healing


Do you or someone you love need some Reiki Healing energy? I will send Reiki distant healing to you for 15 minutes at the time of your appointment.It is best if you can be a quiet place at the time of the service. If not, know that you will receive the Reiki. I will send an e-mail to you at the end of the Reiki session. Payment is required when you book. Sending Love and Light

Reiki Massage


Reiki Massage


Reiki Massage


Reiki means universal life energy and is a Japanese technique for relaxation that also promotes healing. It's done through touch and works simultaneously on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual "levels" and does not have any limitations. Reiki is a safe, gentle, noninvasive form of hands–on healing that increases energy, reduces pain, and produces deep relaxation and a general feeling of well–being. You remain fully clothed for this therapy.

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Back Wax




Brow & Lip


Brow & Lip & Chin


Brow Tint




Chin Only


Facial Wax


Full Leg with Bikini


Full Legs


Half Legs


Lash Tint




Lip & Chin





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