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French Manicure


Includes the Signature Manicure with your choice of any two colors.

Kiddie Manicure


For the little girls that want to be “just like mom” (10 and under)
A “mini” version of our signature manicure.Includes nail art for two fingers.

Luxe Manicure


This manicure includes our signature manicure,but we apply a moisturizing and refining masque followed by an amazing hand and lower arm massage.Choice of polish.

No Chip French Manicure


No chip manicure with french polish.

No Chip Manicure


No chip manicure

No Chip Manicure(with soak off)


Soak off existing polish & perform a new no chip manicure.

We will apply a $12 charge for a soak off if no chip was not performed at WP

No Chip Manicure/No Chip Pedicure


No Chip Manicure/No Chip Pedicure

No Chip Manicure/Signature Pedicure


No chip manicure and our signature pedicure. Please let us know if you will need a soak off for your nails.

No Chip Paraffin Manicure


This includes our No Chip Manicure in addition to a eucalyptus/lavender infused deep moisturizing paraffin treatment.

Polish Change for Hands


Removal of polish, shape nail. Apply new color.CND Vinylux Weekly Polish add $5

Signature Mani/Signature Pedi


Signature Mani/Pedi.

Signature Manicure


Includes nail shaping,cuticle care,a luxurious moisturizing hand massage,and choice of polish.

Signature Paraffin Manicure


This service includes our signature manicure in addition to a eucalyptus/lavender infused deep moisturizing paraffin hand treatment.

Soak off only


Includes gentle removal of no chip polish,followed by lightly buffing/shaping of the nails.

11 Services

Foot Rescue


This pedicure is the ultimate for neglected feet.This invigorating treatment begins with a soothing spearmint and eucalyptus foot bath lined with hot stones to refresh your feet. Along with shaping, buffing & cuticle care, special attention will be given to the heels and any calloused areas of the feet. An exfoliating scrub infused with essential oils will be applied to the lower legs/feet. A moisturizing masque is then appliedfollowed by a eucalyptus/lavender deep moisturizing paraffin foot treatment. To complete this service, an extra long luxurious foot/lower leg massage with a body butter will then be applied. Your polish of choice will complete this service.

French Pedicure


Includes our signature pedicure, but choose any two color combinations.

Kiddie Pedicure


For little girls that want to be just like mom. A mini version of our signature pedicure, choice of nail art for two toes. (10 and under)

Luxe Paraffin Pedicure


Includes our Luxe Pedicure in addition to a eucalyptus/lavender infused deep moisturizing paraffin treatment.

Luxe Pedicure


Includes our signature pedicure,but a hydrating masque is applied to the lower legs/feet ,an extra long foot/leg massage with a deep moisturizing lotion will complete this service.Polish of choice.

No Chip Pedicure


No chip pedicure.

No Chip Pedicure( with soak off)


No Chip Pedicure along with a soak off of old polish. There is a $12 charge for soak off if service was not performed at Well Polished.

Polish Change for Feet


Removal of old polish,shape nail, and choice of color.CND Vinylux Weekly Polish add $5 Caption polish $8

Signature Paraffin Pedicure


This includes our signature pedicure in addition to a eucalyptus/lavender infused deep moisturizing paraffin treatment

Signature Pedicure


A touch above your basic pedicure. Includes nail shaping, cuticle care,light callus removal/exfoliation. Hot towels infused with essential oils and a moisturizing foot massage. Choice of polish.

The Well Groomed Man


This pedicure is specifically geared towards men. To begin, his feet will soak in a eucalyptus & spearmint bath filled with hot stones.Nails are shaped, light cuticle care and callous removal is performed.An exfoliating treatment is applied followed by hot towels infused with essential oil. Anextra long foot/leg massage will complete this service. In lieu of polish, nails are buffed and shined to complete this amazing service.

4 Services

Chin Wax


Wax chin.

Eyebrow wax


Eyebrow wax

Underarm Wax


Wax underarms.

Upper Lip Wax


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