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  • Best place ever! Got me up and going in no time.
  • Enjoyed it very much! Helped with my cold and altitude sickness! Thanks so much!
  • It made a big difference dealing with altitude.
  • Outstanding. They are friendly and do whatever to make your stay a wonderful experience.
  • Great people highly recommend you try them.
  • The team is top notch and very personable. They are also highly efficient and have a comfortable setting. Well worth the short time to hydrate.
  • Highly recommended for those feeling not themselves due to dehydration, lack of focus, and altitude sickness. I also appreciate the fact how clinical it isand was able to claim the service on my HSA account for my wife and I. Oh; the nap (while receiving the service) was also nice. Quite rooms with comfortablechairs.
  • very professional caring nurse. I've gone to a lot of places and she's the best I've had for my IV
  • I felt so much better almost immediately after my treatment for altitude sickness. I got to ski the next day and have continued to feel great.