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Body Polish


Simply heaven will be the words you say after this full body treatment. A high quality body scrub made with apricot, and almond dust will leave your skin soft and kissable. After body polish is rinsed off in the shower client will receive a light massage with our Cocoa Shea Body Crème. Body polishes removes dead skin, stimulates circulation, and helps reduce cellulite.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub


Exfoliate skin with our Brown Sugar body scrub.
Skin will be deliciously fragrant and soft.
Scrub is removed via shower followed by a light massage with our Cocoa Shea Body Crème

Dead Sea Mud Body wrap


The healing properties of warm Dead Sea Mud will replace lost minerals back into the body while boosting the bodies ability to detox, tone, tighten, and reduce cellulite.

Detox- Ionic Foot Detox


Cleanse your body of harmful toxins with a Ionic Foot Detox Session. This non-invasive treatment is relaxing, and effectively helps your body detox .

Hand & Foot Scrub Basic


Give your hands and feet a quick yet refreshing treat by exfoliating dry skin. This service can be added to enhance any massage or esthetic service.

Hand and Foot Scrub Deluxe


This 30 min hand and foot scrub is the perfect add on service to compliment any massage or esthetic service. Enjoy having your hands and feet scrubbed with our Apricot and Almond body polish. The scrub will be removed with hot towels, followed by a softening French Rose Clay mud. Warm mittens and towels will be applied to increase therapeutic benefits.

Hungarian Healing Mud Wrap


Hungarian healing mud has been used for centuries to heal and restore vital nutrients to the body. This product is imported directly from Hungry, and is a must treatment for people with very active lifestyles.
Great for treating athletes, arthritis, sprains spasms, inflammation, and fatigue.

Membership Foot Detox


Give your body a thorough cleanse with the ionic foot detox. Remove harmful toxins from the body through this non invasive treatment. Routine cleansing allows the body to operate at peak performance.

Membership- Body Polish


Members enjoy the benefits of additional discounts on many of our most popular services. Enjoy the healing benefits of a fantastic body scrub. Smooth skins appearance with an Apricot & Almond body polish.
Enjoy a refreshing shower followed by a soothing coco Shea body frosting massage.



[ ráyk ]
1.alternative medical treatment: in alternative medicine, a treatment in which healing energy is channeled from the practitioner to the patient to enhance energy and reduce stress, pain, and fatigue

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Belly Boogie- Cardio Belly Dance


Come join Isis for a combination of belly dance and fitness infusion called Belly Boogie.
Reserve your class slot online and receive the special price of 10.00. Drop in rate is 25.00.
Shape and sculpt those lovely juicy hips. Tone those elegant arms and have some fun while sweating it out. It is truly the sway of beautiful hips that is a part of Middle Eastern dance. Show off with some fabulous moves while conditioning the beautiful you! Belly Boogie is a cardio/belly dance technique class that allows you to explore the feminine side of you while increasing your strength and will inspire you to move with hypnotizing grace.
This class is open to all women regardless of age or size. It is a mixed level class.

Flirty Girl Fitness


Join us in this super fun fitness dance class. Enjoy the excitement of dance while burning away unwanted calories in this full body work out.
Reserve your class slot online and receive the special price of 10.00
Drop in rate is 15.00

Sexy Floor Work Fitness


This class will provide women with the ability to work on increasing their flexibility, core/abs and strengthen arm and/or leg muscles while also toning the butt area. Achieving this will involve working on splits, floor and wall flexibility moves and stretching. A light ab session will be worked into each class as well as working on either strengthening arms or legs. A fun routine incorporating all or some of the moves learned along with an ‘entertaining’ (backward roll, shoulder stand, etc.) move will be worked on at the end of each session. No experience required but students should have a basic understanding of stretching, doing splits, basic abs and are open to improving upon these.
Attire: tank, tank top, sports bra, t-shirt, boy shorts, yoga pants, athletic shorts (no running shorts), soffees.
All attendees should bring a yoga mat
Optional items: knee pads and stripper heels

Strut Beyond the Sheets


This exclusive class is designed for couples to explore intimacy through the art of massage and dance.
Reserve your class slot online and receive the special price of 75.00. Drop in rate is 125.00.
This class will include wine and light snacks.
Couples will begin with learning the basic techniques to massage hands feet neck and shoulders. Partners will then learn a sensual lap dance.
This is a group class. Private classes are available

3 Services

Spa Rapture Wellness Party


Spa Rapture
Choose One: Swedish- Hot Stone-Deep Tissue Massage
Choose one: Foot Scrub- Foot Bath- or mid section Body wrap
Prices are Per person
all parties include food, beverages & Spa gifts,

VIP Spa party Upgrade


This spa upgrade includes

VIP- Full Event Decor (A)


Create the perfect ambiance with our VIP Event Décor.
Your guests will be swept away with beautiful balloon and floral designs, champagne or non alcoholic beverages, gourmet food, a roaring fireplace, candle light, music, small gift and rose petals under their feet. Each guest will lounge in pa robes and slippers
Minimum 10 Guests

15 Services

Signature European Facial


Give your skin TLC with the Urban Temple Signature Mini Facial. This session includes a skin care analysis, and the use of superior quality Janssen Cosmetics will bring your skin to a healthy rejuvenated state.

Deep Cleansing


This deep cleansing facial includes a skin care analysis.
Your esthetician will instruct you on how to care for your skin. High quality Jansen skin care products will be used to nurture your skin and promote a healthy glow.

Esthetics Power Pack Facials & Peels


Renew your skin with 3 Signature European Facials and # Vitamin C Peels.
The healing benefits of this combination will leave skin soft with a radiant fresh glow.
Gently remove sun damage age spots, and the signs of aging with gentle Vitamin C Peels.
Nourish and hydrate skin with a Signature European Facial

Express Facial


Give your skin a refreshing boost. Service includes exfoliation and mask

*Service performed by a licensed esthetician
*Products provided by Janssen Cosmetics

Eye Treatment


Reduce puffiness, dark circles, while reducing wrinkles.
Increase the effectiveness of this treatment with cold stone application.

Ferulac Peel


Janssen gentle but deep Ferulac Peel will help remove years of damage from your skin. Noticeably younger fresher skin in 3-5 days with long lasting regenerating effects for healthy new skin.
Great for all types and especially ethnic skin

Gentlemen's Facial


Refresh skin with this mini facial treatment. Only the best in Jansen products will be used to help rejuvenate skin.

Gentlemen's Scalp Treatment


Give your scalp a rejuvenating boost with this invigorating scalp treatment. Enjoy smooth skin that's healthy, as well as reduce razor bumps, dry rough skin caused by shaving.

Membership Gentlemen's Facial


Cleanse the delicate facial skin with this deep cleanse facial. Jansen products specifically designed to help prevent and reduce the appearance of razor bumps, aging.

Membership Mini Facial


Enjoy the benefits of this ultra healing mini facial. The luxurious Janssen Product line will help skin heal, and give skin a rejuvenating boost.
This service price is available for members only

Membership- Deep Cleansing Facial


Enjoy the benefits of being a member with this rejuvenating deep cleansing facial. Reduce the signs of aging, nurture healthy even tone skin with Janssen products.

Organic Vegan Facial


Natures amazing ability to heal is at it's finest with this luxurious Organic Facial. Ingredients are certified vegan, and provide superior nutrients to support beautiful healthy skin.

Summer of Wellness- Express Facial


Enjoy a great facial treatment with Jansen Cosmetic product line. Service will include skin analysis, exfoliation, cleansing and mask

Vitamin C Peel


Janssens regenerating Vitamin C peel is full of Antioxidants. The pure vitamin C gently helps to reduce the signs of aging, and instantly gives you young glowing skin.




1 Service

Herbal Body Wrap


Relieve stress with our hand blended herb and aromatherapy body wrap. This wrap also tones, and assists in the reducing cellulite.

35 Services

Anti Cellulite Body Wrap


Anti Cellulite wraps help the body detox, smooth cellulite,
tone and tighten skin. Also helps clients loos inches in many common problem areas.
Each wrap session is approximately 1 hour 15 min
Traditional Wrap
The use of bandages will be soaked in a seaweed solution. Client will be measured then wrapped
Gel Wrap
These wraps are used to target specific areas of concern.
Up to 6 wraps per session are used. Many clients enjoy gel wraps because they offer more freedom to move, and also try other services in our facility.

Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage


Uplift your spirit, and relax your body with the heavenly combination of pure essential oils and hot stones.
The application of warm stones over the entire body will relax the the toughest muscle aches.
Stones are used over the entire body and provide an enhanced therapeutic experience.

Bamboo massage


Resolve deep muscle aches with the added pressure from bamboo deep tissue massage.

Deep Tissue Deluxe


Release deep muscle adhesion with this Deluxe Deep Tissue Treatment. Therapists will us increased pressure, stretching, and a variety of balms and salves will be used throughout your session to make pain and limited range of motion a thing of the past.

Deep Tissue Massage


This massage is great to release deep muscle adhesions. Your Therapist will use a combination of pressure techniques to help alleviate tension.

Groupon Swedish- Hot Stone- Deep Tissue


Enjoy the benefits of a relaxing 60 min massage through Groupon. This fantastic offer allows you to choose Swedish- Gentle relaxation and stress reduction
Deep Tissue- Increased pressure and muscle adhesion release
Hot Stone- Gentle relaxation with the added bonus of heat .
Please specify at the time of service which massage best fits your needs.

Hot Stone Full Body


Incorporate Hot Stones to your Swedish massage and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of heat. The stones are rubbed over the body for the full time of session from neck to feet front and back.

Hot Stone Placement


Add the relaxing benefits of heat to your next massage session. Stones are placed on hands, feet, neck and back

Intergrated Massage


A combination of massage modalities that range from Swedish to NMT,
Integrated massages is therapeutic in nature, and helps toalleviate many structural issues, and help to release muscle adhesions.

Lymphatic Drainage


Membership Relexology Foot Bath


Enjoy the relaxing therapeutic benefits of a reflexology foot bath. Soak your feet in heavenly warm water and inhale the luxurious scent of pure essential oil infused bath salts.

Membership Session Upgrade


Add 30 min to any session

Membership Theraputic Upgrade


When serious therapy is needed this upgrade will help you receive exactly what you need. Request this all inclusive massage upgrade when a medical massage is needed. Therapist create a treatment plan that utilizes a variety of massage modalities, as well as liniments, cooling gels, hot stones, cold stones, and essential oils.

Special note
Modalities used Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular Therapy, Thai, Sports, Muscle Energy Techniques, Energy Healing

Mini Massage


Great for a lunch time session. This mini massage is 30 min and generally focuses on 1 or more troubled areas.

*This is not a full body massage

Mini Massage Bundle


This 3 pack bundle includes our most popular massages.
Swedish Deep Tissue, or Aromatherapy Hot Stone

Prenatal Massage


Staying healthy during pregnancy is essential, and massage therapy can be a great tool to help expectant mothers handle stress and their growing bodies. Only massage therapists trained and certified in prenatal massage will provide service to expectant mothers.

Reflexology Foot Bath


Give your whole body a stimulating boost through reflexology. Our unique spin on reflexology for your feet will give them a well deserved break. For added relaxation add a foot scrub.

Rose Petals & Chocolate - Adore


This Package is designed for one person, and is a great way to tell that special someone how much you adore them.
Reflexology foot bath w/ sugar scrub, and coco shea foot moisturizer, 60 min Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage, glass of wine, balloon bouquet, flowers, rose petals, and small spa gift.

Rose Petals & Chocolate- Couples Massage


Enjoy spending time with the one you love in a super romantic setting. Rose petals will kiss your feet, as you enter the treatment room to enjoy a candle light 60 min Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage. Afterwards the two of you will enjoy sparkling champagneand chocolate covered strawberries.

Rose Petals & Chocolate- Happiness


The complete package for health and wellness. Couples will enjoy Reflexology Foot Bath with sugar scrub &, European Facial, Full body polish with rose clay hand and foot treatment, 45 min Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage, Medium Spa Gift, Balloon Bouquet, 1 Dozen beautifully arranged Rose bouquet, Chocolate treats, fruit & beverage tray.

Rose Petals & Chocolate- Love


Creating a healing oasis is the primary theme of this spa package. Enjoy reaching new heights of wellness with your loved one by discovering the benefits of reflexology foot bath foot sugar scrub, coco butter moisture treatment. 45 min Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage, Fruit & Beverage Tray with balloon bouquet, and med spa gift.

Session Upgrade 30 min


add additional time to any session

Session Upgrade- 30 Min Bundle


Take your massage sessions to the next level with an additional 30 min. This bundle pack includes four 30 min upgrades to your session.
This offer can not be used alone or combined to create a massage. Must be used in conjunction with a 60 min service.

Spa & Wellness - Happiness


The complete package for health and wellness. Couples will enjoy a Reflexology foot bath with sugar scrub, European Facial, full body polish with rose clay hand and foot treatment, 60 min Aromatherapy Hot Stone Massage, deluxe spa gift, balloon bouquet, one dozen beautifully arranged rose bouquet, chocolate treats, fruit & beverage tray.

Spa & Wellness - Lifestyle


Living the life just got sweeter. Enjoy your 3 hour treatment with a variety of services guaranteed to leave you feeling rejuvenated. Your package includes a Foot bath, full body polish, rose clay hand & foot treatment with hot towels, 45min Cleansing Facial,60 min aromatherapy hot stone massage, fruit and beverage tray, and deluxe spa gift.

Spa & Wellness - Relax


Give yourself a much needed break to simply relax. This spa package is our most popular service, and includes a variety of services you will absolutely love.
Foot bath, foot scrub, 60 min aromatherapy hot stone massage, small fruit & beverage tray.

Spa & Wellness- The Renew


Renew your entire body with a Signature European Facial and the warm soothing luxury of a hot stone aromatherapy massage. Give yourself complete freedom to just be in the moment of splendid bliss.

Spa & Wellness- Wellness


Wellness is a Lifestyle, and everyone deserves to treat themselves with love. The Wellness spa & wellness package is designed to do just that. During your 2 hour treatment you will enjoy a Deep Cleansing Facial, full body scrub, 45 min aromatherapy hot stone massage, fruit and beverage tray.

Sports Massage


Stretching and Full Body Deep Tissue Massage
Great therapeutic massage to have before a big competition or after.

Swe-Thai Massage


This table top Thai routine will help reduce deep muscle adhesions, and stretch the body.

Swedish Massage


Enjoy the health benefits of this relaxing massage. A must have for everyone to incorporate into their monthly wellness plan

Swedish Massage Deluxe


Take healing one step further with this extended session.
90 Minutes will allow your therapist to work on the difficult problem areas without rushing.
Session will also include hot stone placement and cooling gels

Swedish Massage Supreme


The ultimate way to relax. This 2 hour massage is for the client who really needs the extra care. Therapists will focus more intently on areas of concern. Therapist will incorporate essential oils, hot or cold stones, stretches, liniments, and cooling gels

Urban Temple February Couples Special


Celebrate love and togetherness with this wonderful couples massage special. Couples will enjoy a 60 min hot stone massage complimentary champagne or wine and assorted fruits.

Wellness Platinum


Wellness Platinum
The Ultimate wellness in self care
Client will receive weekly massages
Fitness consultation Discounts on drop in fitness classes

Medical Spa Treatments
1 Service

Ultrasound Cavitation


6 Services



Brazilian Wax


Brazilian waxing will leave you smooth and sexy. The use of quality hard wax reduces irritation as well as a quicker hair removal process.
Service performed by a licensed esthetician



Chin Only


Full Legs


Full leg wax utilizes hard wax for easier hair removal.

Membership Brazillian Wax


Brazilian wax will leave you smooth and sexy. Quality hardwax is used to help reduce irritation and speed the process of hair removal.
This service is performed by a licensed esthetician.

Wellness or Integrative
3 Services

Wellness Gold


Wellness Gold
Enjoy two relaxing massages each month
Swedish Hot Stone Deep Tissue

Wellness Platinum


4 massages per month
Swedish, Hot Stone, Integrative

Wellness Silver


Wellness Silver
Enjoy one soothing massage each month
Choose a Swedish Deep Tissue or Hot Stone Massage

1 Service

Hatha Yoga


Enjoy a 60 minute session with Channing Hixon

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