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  • I love T&N! I recommend regularly to people in my life. I’m a former D1 athlete that got into a fitness slump after graduating and the group classes have been a very positive experience for me to get back into fitness. I get to workout in a group setting that feels very supportive. It is the perfect intensity - I get a really good workout in but no one is screaming at me, the music isn’t blaring and no one is pushing themself to injury. It’s body positive and fitness level inclusive and has allowed me to realign my fitness goals in a way that is body positive/ neutral I’m focused on the movement and strength building not worrying about exact calories I’m burning etc. I take the noon classes which is perfect for me! I have really loved doing classes with Kaitlyn she is very personable and creates good workouts and always has smart alternative movements because I have a chronic injury. Shes creates a great atmosphere and I always leave class feeling like I had a good workout but I usually get a good laugh and smile in as a bonus! Only suggestion I have is maybe offering or considering a queer/ lgbtq focused class or something like that. I’m a member of that community and feel this community is underserved in the fitness industry and tends to be intimidated by typical gyms ( one of the reasons I love T&N) and I think it would be a great setting to build community and encourage more turnout!
  • I love working with Kristin and have definitely become stronger through my one on one coachings.