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Anti-Aging Facial


Treatment includes a cleansing, an age defying peel and an exfoliation of the face and decolleté, as well as an anti-oxydant packed high-tech collagen mask to improve firmness and elasticity for a younger looking skin

Men's Facial


This facial is specifically formulated for the male needs which are often related to razor burns caused by shaving, ingrown hairs, sensitive or dry skin.Improving the appearance and tone of all skin conditions.Smoothes the overall texture of the epidermis.Stimulates new cell production for renewed complexion and minimize the effects of free radical damage.

Organic Facial 60m


Restore the balance to your skin with this innovative facial combining the perfect marriage of organic ingredients. Even the most sensitive skin types will benefit tremendously from this soothing, yet highly effective organic cocktail of essential oils and botanical Relax and escape into a moment of purification and regeneration. This treatment, using the finest organic products from France, hydrates and softens your skin, giving your complexion a fresh and radiant glow. During your mask, experience even deeper relaxation with a hand or foot massage.

deliver the maximum restoration to tired, dull and lack luster skin.

Signature facial


Signature Facial will cleanse and gently exfoliate your skin and includes an extraction, a customized mask and moisturizer selected for your skin type. This is a great way to relieve stress, and give your skin a beautiful glow.

facial Express


This treatment includes a deep cleansing, light exfoliation , customized mask and moisturizer.

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COLOR EXPERIENCE Massage ( Aromatherapy )


Experience a treatment that will invigorate your senses, nourish your skin, and transport you to a state of bliss.

Begin your pampering and therapeutic treatment by choosing the two colors (out of 14) and two fragrances that correspond to your « needs » of the day.

Deeply breath the color of choice, then enjoy a healing, moisturizing and nutritious massage with the organic massage oil of the corresponding color therefore improving and balancing your physical and emotional state.

This 65 min service includes an olfactory sequence with an organic “parfum de soin”, and a 60 minute massage with organic oil.

Deep Tissue Massage 60 Min


A therapeutic massage that is generally slower than Swedish, this technique goes deeper into the muscle and connective tissue to release chronic tension which might have developed from injury or overuse.

Sports Massage 60 min


A form of massage which utilizes specific strokes and stretches to help obtain maximum performance and physical conditioning. It increases power, endurance, and flexibility both before and after an event or workout.

Swedish Massage 60 Min


Calm your mind, body, and spirit with this relaxing massage. This massage can help alleviate stiffness and fatigue as well as improve circulation, decrease stress and muscle tension.

signature massage 60m and 30 body scrub


One hour signature massage ( deep tissu, swedish or combo massage) and 30 minutes body scrub with himalayen salts ans essentials oils.

"On Line Special" Combo massage 60m $ 60


This "special"is payable in advance, is non refundable and cannot be modified.

"On Line Special" Deep Tissue 60m/$60


This "special" must be paid in advance, is non refundable and cannot be modified.

"On Line Special" Swedish 60m/ $60


This "special" must be paid in advance, is refundable and cannot be modified.

Combo Massage 60 Min


A beneficial massage that combines both Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques designed to relax the muscles and increase circulation as well as focus on specific areas of the body that need deeper muscle work.

Hot Stone Massage


Myofascial Release Massage


Myofascial release utilizes gentle and sustained compression or elongation into areas of fascial restriction, tightness, or pain and waits for the fascia to elongate and release. This results in restored fluidity, elongates elastin and collagen fibers, increased flexibility, strength and function. Myofascial Release effectively addresses: Acute and Chronic pain; Neck and Back Pain; Headaches& Migraines; Osteoarthritis, Postural Issues, Scoliosis, Chronic Fatigue Symptom, Post surgical and more!

Polarity 60m


Polarity therapy works to release and balance the life energy in the body through the use of specialized bodywork which can release tension and holding patterns in the physical body and psyche enlivening the life force that exists within us all, thus enabling you to connect with the deep core of your being. This is a very deep powerful, and transformative yet gentle and relaxing system of treatment and can be used to address a wide array of conditions and concerns.

Prenatal Massage


Relax in comfort with full body cushions while our certified pregnancy massage therapists ease the aches and pains of pregnancy while relieving pressure from the lower back and legs.

Swed-Tsu Massage


Allow yourself to be pampered by experienced hands who will confidently glide, smooth, stretch and further massage your aches and pains away - while they precisely locate and help bring into balance any trigger points, acupressure points and other problematic areas on your body created by sports, poor posture, scar tissue or the many stressors of daily living. The Swed-Tsu combines the application of pressure to points along the energy meridians from Shiatsu and the relaxing techniques from Swedish.

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Private reformer


Skin Care
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Body Scrub with himalayan salt and essentials oils


Not all scrubs are created equal. Treat yourself to a unique experience that will invigorate your senses and make your body sing. Made with the finest organic ingredients perfectly blended to pamper your skin and instill in you a complete sense of wellness. Made with himalayan salts and essentials oils.

Choose one of five colors to experience:

Royal Purple for toning and regenerating
Orange for a sculpted and lighter body
Emerald for oxygenation and restructuring
Turquoise for a relaxed body free from tension
White for purification and vitality

This Altearah Scrub includes a Color test, an Olfactive olfactory sequences and Altearah Organic Oil application




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