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On The Spot Adjustment


If you just need your brakes adjusted and the gears running smoothly, we can do that while you wait. We also lube the Chain, adjust the Seat, and pump up your tires.



If your bike needs a little more love, we can get that done for you in 24 hours or less.
Here's what we do:
Inspection and wipe down of Bike + Brake & Gear adjustment + lubrication of Chain and Pivots + Check all bolts and accessories for tightness + check Tire and Suspension pressure + minor Wheel true.

Full Mechanical


As well as what we do for a Tune-Up, our next option gives more attention to the drivetrain and wheels.
Basic service + Drivetrain Cleaning + Hub adjustment & Wheel Truing

Complete Overhaul


This is the most comprehensive bike servicing available. Everything will be running like new. Many customers may choose to have new tires and bar tape put on at the same time. Here is what we do:
Full Mechanical + Cable & Housing Replacement + Disassembly and Regreasing of Hubs Bottom Bracket and Headset

Wheel Building


Wheel assembly or spoke tensioning per wheel (building and tensioning would be 99.96 for a full wheelset).

Donate a bike

If you have an unwanted bicycle that you would like to donate, we will come pick it up for free! We give all donated bikes a tune-up and replace any defective parts and resell them to those in need of cheap and affordable transport. Proceeds go to charity.


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