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This service is complimentary if the client books an appointment the same day of the consultation.If for any reason that appointment is then later cancelled, and no follow up appointment is booked, the card on file will then be charged the original consultation fee of $35 for the booking time that was allowed on the stylist schedule.

Consultation one-on one with Tina


This service is for anyone looking to get the expertise and advise from Tina Pearson. It is a 30 minute consultation and allows a guest the opportunity to ask questions about their hair concerns and/or desires.
This is a minimal fee for the value of the advice you will receive during this 30 minute consultation with Tina.

Wedding Consultation


This service does not include styling. It is a meeting and info session with one of our stylist and with the bride.During this appointment the bride to be can determine if our stylist is the right fit for her special occasion. Desired looks can be viewed and discussed as well as all the possibilities of how the look(s) can be achieved. At this appointment time the bride can determine stylist availability for the number of hours she would like to request services.There is a small fee for this service, it is an appointment time, set aside to give advice, and expertise on potential wedding looks.

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Eyebrow Shaping


Hair Care
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Clip Ons---- Installed by Row


This quick service is great for adding quick pops of color, fullness and or length.

Hair Curling/Flat Ironing - Dry Clean Hair


This Service is only provided if clients hair has been recently shampooed (within 2 days or less)

This fee is for freshly shampooed hair that is dried and does not require rinsing out of any conditioners/products and the client arrives complete dry and ready for thermal styling.

If we have to blow dry or bring you to the shampoo bowl for any reason then it is not considered a hair curling style only.

It will be up to salon/staff members discretion if this service can be rendered based on cleanliness of hair and or product build-up.

Herbal Treatment With Steamer


This treatment allows a customized conditioner to penetrate with our steaming process.

Natural Hair Shampoo Blow Dry/Flat Iron Style


Natural Hair Shampoo Styling /Flat Twist Set(s)


Flat Twist Set Natural Style
Bantu Knots
Two Strand Twist Sets
all fall under this service type.For smaller sectioning of two strand twisting there may be additional fees based on timing required

Natural Styling/Wash & Wear Looks


Shampoo and natural style, wearing hair at its natural state with products to enhance natural texture.This service is only 1 hour if drying time is required.



Client must provide hair used for this service or pay additional fee for salon to provide hair.The additional fee depends on length, texture and quality of hair desired.

Relaxer Retouch & Shampoo & Blow Out


This service is for clients who require a re-touch on their previously relaxed hair.A minimum of 2" of new growth is suggested, which is on average 8weeks or more.We do not wish for any over processing.This service, It includes a post relaxer treatment at the bowl, shampoo blow dry & style or shampoo wrap & style.

Semi/demi Perm


A one application all over hair color with no ammonia that is designed to enhance natural color, blend or cover gray.Longer lasting then a rinse/shine enhancing treatment.Recommended for curly/kinky textures with natural hair.

Shampoo Blow/ Flat Iron for Chemically Relaxed Hair


Hair is shampoo blow dried flat ironed and or curled/styled on chemically relaxed hair.

Shampoo Wrap/Short Hair & Style with flat or curling iron


Shampoo and mold hair clients placed under the dryer then curl, flat iron, or style using products/techniques.

Shampoo/Round Brush Blow/No Iron- NOT Recommended For Our Naturally Textured Kinky Girls


This service is for walk in or appointment clients who receive a shampoo/blow dry with round brush service with no flat or curling iron work.Usually fine to medium textures fall into this service type.Thick coarse kinky textures generally are not Round Brushed.



softening the natural curl with a mild relaxer
helps to elongatenatural hair
reduces frizz
this service will have varying results based on natural curl pattern

Two Cornrows-NO Hair Added


This service includes a shampoo and blow dry
2 cornrows on natural hair
If adding hair is desired an extra charge will be applied

Two Strand Twist Set - Medium - Small 2 Hour+


This service includes a shampoo and moisturizing detangling spray.The size of the twist are small- medium in size.If clients hair has the volume and density that requires more than two hours then a surcharge will be applied.

Virgin Relaxer


This is a chemical straightening service
First time every relaxing hair or 6 months or more of new growth (depends on overall length of hair )

Wig Application/style


This Is For Applying And Styling A Wig.

Hair Color
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Full Head Highlights


Gloss/Temporary Rinse/Shine Enhancer


Halo--1/4 Highlights


This service is for any highlighting service that will be applied to any section of the head that is only equivalent to 1/4 of the clients head.PLEASE NOTE, IF TONING IS REQUIRED THEIR IS AN ADDITIONAL FEE.

Single Process Color


Hair Extensions
8 Services

Full Head Sewn Weave Installation


This service is for a client who wishes to have a full head of extensions sewn.We will leave out the perimeter and parting area.

This service requires two bundles of hair.If you would like 3 bundles or more added their is an up-charge of $75 for each extra bundle added.

Full Head Weave With Closure-Not Frontal or 360'


This service is for a client who wishes to add a closure to their full head weave install.We do not install frontals or 360' units.Please only select if you are installing a closure.

Half Head Weave


This service is for a client who only wishes to have half their head installed with extensions.This service requires only 1 bundle of hair. If you ask for more than one bundle to be installed it is not considered a half head extension install.

Partial Sewn Weave Removal


This service is generally for short hair clients who have had a small section of extensions sewn into their hair.We will remove it once it is time to be removed.Generally 3-4 weeks

Partial Sewn Weave by Row


This service is for shorter hair clients that opt for sewn weave by row but its only in a half section of head/usually in the bang area.

Weave - Shampoo & Style


This service is for clients wearing extensions and need a shampoo - drying time under the dryer and flat/curl iron & style.

Weave Sewn- Full Row


This service is for a clients opting to have us sew a full row of extensions into their hair.This service does not include the cost of the hair and is recommended for thicker textures of hair.

Weave Tightening - Installs by us only


This service is for clients who have had a weave installed by us.We do not tighten or adjust any weaves that we have not installed.This service should be selected within 3months of your install.We will not adjust or tighten and extensions that have been installed over 3 months prior.

We recommend weaves kept for 2- 3 months max... This time is generally based on medium to coarse textures and clients who are not thinning.If you are thinning, especially the hair line we do not recommend you wearing weaves for long period of times, and in some cases, not at all.

1 Service

HairCut/Trim - with Stylist or Jr Stylist


This hair cut price is for our Stylist & or Jr. Stylist
Haircuts, shaping & healthy hair trims all require level of experience and technique.
A trim and cut are the same cost because the experience or technique doesn't change with the amount of hair being cut.
A trim is a haircut....

Our hair cuts are priced based on stylist level and experience.


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