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The Services (Belltown)
9 Services

The Short Haircut


Classic Barber cut. Includes style and hot lather straight razor finish along the neck line. Shampoo available upon request

The Shave


Hot Towel, Straight Razor Shave. Face or Head.
Sit back and relax under a hot steam towel and warm lather.

The Bald Fade


Fade down to skin, razor neck clean up

Straight Razor Fade


Skin tight fade that will last just a little bit longer than just clippers

The Long Haricut


Price varies on thickness.

Beard Trim


Let's clean up that magnificent beard. Includes trimmer line up.

Beard Sculpting


New to beards? Beard out of control? I can shape and clean up the edges with a hot towel and straight razor.

Buzz Cut


One or two blades. includes taper neck and razor clean up.

Complementary Neck Clean up

Available to all current clients

The Combos (Belltown)
5 Services

Buzzcut and Beard Trim


For those who get the single blade buzz and beard clean up

The Works


Full Service Haircut and Shampoo with Hot Towel face shave. Walk out a new person!

Haircut and Beard Sculpting


Haircut and beard clean up with hot towel service and straight razor line up

Haircut and Beard trim


Haircut and Beard Trim with clipper line up

The Short Haircut for 2!


Its a booking for 2! Save on gas and parking, travel together!

1 Service

DESC Employment Cut

Shampoo & Haircut for DESC clients. Please include Name in Booking Notes



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  • Jason is an awesome barber great stylist he will make you happy thanks Jason
  • First time client. Excellent service.
  • Time in Jason's barber chair is always time well-spent. He's a very skilled barber and a delightful person.