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Body Services
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ESTH-Lemongrass Mimosa Body Scrub


ESTH-Sugar Kiss Body Scrub


1 Service

Hydralessence Facial


3 Services

Day Look


Whether you desire a new look or a way to enhance your natural beauty, our esthetician will apply makeup tailored to your skin type as well as instruct you in the proper step-by-step application of each product.

Evening/Special Occasion


Make an impact! This is perfect for weddings or any special occasions. Our esthetician will help you accomplish the current trend in makeup application. You will see a luminous and dramatic transformation from day to night. We will teach you professional tips and secrets for results that you can easily recreate on your own.

Eye and Lip Makeup


Girls in the know don't leave home without perfectly natural eyes and lips! We are introducing long-lasting lipsticks and eye shadows that will enhance and make the most of your unique features all the while creating a natural look that is defined and radiant.

1 Service

Hot Stone Massage


Hot Stones are used in conjunction with Swedish techniques to call forth the body's own healing energies to promote a deeper level of relaxation.

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Express Manicure


Gel Polish Manicure


Treatments begin with shaping the nails and pushing back cuticles to maintain a healthy nail. Nails are buffed to a shiny sheen, treated, and polished with the Gelish Polish color of your choice. The gel polish is then cured to a high gloss under a LED or UV light, resulting in a high gloss shine that lasts for two to three weeks, resists chipping and peeling, and does not cause damage to the natural nail.

Lemongrass Mimosa Manicure


Lemongrass Mimosa Pedicure


Massanutten Spa Pedicure


Polish Change Mani


Available for hands only. Nails are cleaned free of oils and polished to perfection.

Recovery Manicure


Recovery Pedicure


Sugar Peppermint Manicure


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