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Get a free health consultation and personalized attention in creating the best care plan for you! Get all your questions asked and answered!

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Body balancing 45 minute


Body balancing 30 minute


Body balancing 60 minute


Body balancing 90 minute


Chakra balancing


Dosha Balancing massage


Balance your body inside and out. Special dosha balancing oilsare applied and massaged into the body. Bringing the whole body and digestion back nto balance.

New Client Special


Join us for an introduction to care. With a advanced health intake, custom health plan and a healing bodywork session tailored to you..not someone like you. Sign up for our email list and get 15% off your first session.

Wellness or Integrative
9 Services

Introduction to meditation


Learn to drop in, sit down and chill out. In this beginner class learn about the basics of meditation, try out a few meditation styles and get a no pressure introduction to meditation. Held every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Life Care Coaching


Begin to transform your health for life. Not ready for the commitment of a set program? Come investigate or check in with a lifestyle and health care coaching session.

Mind & Meditation workshop


Learn to bring quiet to the storm. Get the tools to transform your daily experience and drop into a sweet space no mater what is going on around you.

NES Health


NES Health is bio-energetic in it's most updated form. This is a scan in office or distance appointment.

NES Quick check in (advanced care)


This is a quick remote client session for those who don't want all the details- just the facts! Get your scan results, all help files and recommendations for the month ahead. MUST purchase a Remote Client scanner to qualify for this session!

Nutrition Consultation or Therapy


Transformation can be had at any distance. In office, or skype session.

Quantum healing


Quantum healing 90 minute




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