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  • I really like Fit Factor. I think I put a 9 and not a 10 because I'm a morning weekday class person and regularly take Monday and Wednesday 9 am classes (Friday's are not available for me). It would also be nice to have a Tuesday and Thursday 9 am option if there was enough demand for classes at those times. Otherwise I get a good workout from all the classes!
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Haven't worked out in about two months, was quite rusty and the instructor was motivating and assisted the ladies with their form when needed! Lucy L. was great! Haven't been this sore in awhile! I'll be back!
  • I wished to have known what to expect in terms of how long we were runningSince it was my first time
  • Great instructor and difficulty level
  • So far I have taken three classes and every single one of them had been very different but very satisfactory. Each class had make me leave the gym with a great smile and felt very energize through my day and looking forward to the nex day class.
  • Great trainers, clean facility, good mix of exercise.