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Dog Grooming
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Bath and Brush


This is a full service groom to bath and brush.

This should be used for Golden Retrievers, Golden Mixes and dogs with feathers.

Full Service Grooming


Curly Coat Groom, to include Bath, Brush, Trim, Clean and Pluck Ears, Express Anals, Trim and Grind Nails, lots of Hugs and Kisses and lots of Play Time.

This is to be used for Doodles, Poodle, Whoodles, and anything that is large breed mixed with poodles.

Full Service Grooming


Giant Dog Groom


This groom is used for anything giant breed, Burmese Mountain Dog, St. Bernard's, Great White Pyrenees.

Golden Retriever Grooming


Full Service Golden Retriever Groom to include Bath, Brush, Clean Ears, Clip and Grind Nails, Express Anal's.

Large Dog Groom


This groom is used for Large breed dogs that are bath and brush dogs. Usually used for dogs from 90 # and up.

Large Shave Down


Shave down for any dog from 50-100# to include but limited to Labs, Golden Retrievers, Collies, and some Doodles.

This service also includes lots of hugs and kisses.

Medium Size Dog Groom


Medium sized curly coated dogs, such as but not limited to Miniature doodles, and Medium size dogs shave downs such as Springers, Spaniels and mixes between 25-45 pounds.

Small Dog Groom


Small dog groom, that includes, bath, brush, trim, nails, anals, and ears. Lots of hugs and kisses.

This should be used for (Shih Tzu, Lhaso, Maltese, Yorkies, and small mixes that need trims.)

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