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Yoga Class
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Aerial Yoga


This is a beginners aerial yoga class where we practice in the yoga swing.
Note: Spaces are limited so you please RSVP.

Hot Power Yoga


Hot Power Yoga is a vinyasa style flow class done in moderate heat. Class improves strength, toning and flexibility.

Hot Yoga


Hot Yoga is a yoga sequence that takes place in a heated room.

Note: Spaces are limited so you please RSVP.



Yogalates is a blend of yoga and pilates. This class promotes strength and toning. Most of the sequence is done on the mat.

Chair Yoga


Chair Yoga uses a chair as a prop to support yoga poses. This class is excellent for seniors as well as those needing support to overcome injury.

Power Core Yoga


This class is for all yoga levels designed to strengthen and tone core muscles. Classes start May 2018.

Yoga Stretch and Massage


Book at 30-minute yoga massage session and learn how to relieve pain, release tension and work into lower back, neck, shoulders and feet. This service can be added on to any of your yoga classes.

Yoga Programs
4 Services

Wellness Coaching



Wellness Coaching offers customized programs to help you reach your health and wellness goals. Clients can get customized meal planning, goal setting and time management training or stress prevention and management programs.

Yoga Detox


This 21-day program will focus on yoga and meal planning. The meals will help detoxify and cleanse the body in conjunction with yoga practice. Participants will need to schedule 3-5 yoga sessions per week for the 3 weeks of the program.

Yoga Meal Planning


Enjoy weekly meal planning focusing on a whole food plant based diet. Meal planning will include bi-monthly support group meetings to introduce healthy recipes.

Yoga Boot Camp


Yoga Bootcamp is a blend of yoga, Pilates, cardio and strength training that helps burn fat, build strength and tone muscles. Class will take place on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday March 1st-March 30th.


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