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Hair Care
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1/2 Head of highlights


This service is for highlights from ear to ear across the head.

3/4 highlights of the head


This service is highlights from the top of the ears forward.

Bang Trim


Bio-luster (for extremely damaged hair)


This treatment is for extremely damaged and/or chemically over-processed hair.

Blow out


Hair length, thickness, texture, and operator may vary cost.

Bottom of Hair




This is a basic braid price.

Buzz cut


Buzzer only, no scissors

Children's Haircut


This price applies to children under the age of 10 years old.Length, thickness, and operator may vary the cost.



This service provides the hair with a smooth and shiny finish several weeks.Price is quoted without a color service.

Deep Conditioning Treatment


This is a deep penetrating conditioning treatment.Nourishes the scalp as well as the hair.

Double Process Color


Eyebrow Tinting


Frosting Cap


This highlighting service is provided with a cap.



This color service provides the hair with extreme shine. The price quoted is without a color service.

Highlights - Full Head


This service is for shoulder length hair and shorter.

Keratin Treatments


This services makes the hairs smooth and shiny.

Long Haircut


This is for hair beyond shoulder length

Low Lights


This service provides the hair with richness and depth.

Manic Panic First Time 1 Streak NO BLEACH


Manic Panic First Time 1 Streak WITH BLEACH


Manic Panic First Time 1/2 Head NO BLEACH


Manic Panic First Time 1/2 Head WITH BLEACH


Manic Panic First Time Whole Head NO BLEACH (above shoulders)


Manic Panic First Time Whole Head WITH BLEACH (above shoulders)


Manic Panic Refresh (above shoulders within 2 weeks)


Men's Haircut


Scissor cut



This service provides the hair with multi-tonal variations in color.

Partial Keratin


This service provides smoothing in a specific part of the head.A consultation is suggested for this service.

Permanent Wave


This service allows straight hair to become curly.Or to have added body.

Single Process (regular) 4-6 weeks


Regular single process color within 4-6 weeks

Single Process Color 1st time service


Prices vary due to hair quantity, quality, timing of last color service.

Special Occasion


A consultation with the stylist is required before this service can be booked.A deposit maybe required.

Spiral Perm


Volumizing Treatment


This treatment is used to create volume.

Woman's Haircut


Prices vary depending upon hair length and thickness.Also, prices may vary depending on operators skill level.

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Chin Only


Full Arms


Full Back


Full Legs


Half Legs






Upper Lip


Techniques Hair Design

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