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  • Thanks loved it Really helped me to just stop think and relax
  • Clean, good instructors, positive energy
  • I just love you all and I think you're doing a great job navigating these difficult circumstances. I do have two things for you though: 1) As the state begins to reopen, i'd love to have a sense of your plan. I get that everything is still up in the air but do you think you'll reopen? Will class sized be smaller? will it be an option to be in person or virtual for a class? Will people need to bring their own props? Some of these questions stem from the fact that virtual is better than nothing but not the same as the studio and if we think we're not going back to the studio anytime soon i may invest in my own props to make my home experience better. 2) Have you thought of selling any merchandise online? I've been eyeing a sweetbalance sweatshirt for a while now and in March promised one to myself if i hit a personal goal. While i can certainly wait to indulge, buying it online could be another way to support the studio when we can't physically go in.
  • The instructor was phenomenal
  • Body Balance is one of my favorite classes. Sandra always has us on our toes, great explanation of poses, intense workout, and best music playlists! I love this studio!
  • Always top quality service you couldn't ask for better. Always highly recommended the knowledge and the quality is amazing in every way.
  • Amy is awesome !!
  • Always great classes. And Chanelle gave us a great tough workout with lots of sweat! Lol love the cardio