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Lash Lift


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Brazilian Enzyme Treatment


Brazilian Facial, Enzyme treatment to help with ingrowns

Express Facial


Skin Care
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Intimate Lightening Treatment with Home Care


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Arms - Full


Includes the area of the arm from the wrist to the shoulder

Arms Full Sugaring


Arms Half


Waxing of the arm from the wrist to the elbow OR from the elbow to the shoulder

Arms half sugaring


Sugaring of the arm from the wrist to the elbow OR from the elbow to the shoulder

Back Full


Includes the entire back from the waist to the neck

Back Full Sugaring


Includes the entire back from the waist to the neck using sugar paste

Back Half


Includes half of the back or small patches of hair on the back

Back Half Sugaring


Includes half of the back or small patches of hair found on the back using sugar paste

Bikini Full Sugaring


Bikini Full- Female Only


Covers the immediate area outside of the panty-line and extends to the area just inside of the panty-line

Bikini Line - Female Only


The bikini basic covers the front side only and includes everything 1 inch in from the exterior of the bikini.Select the bikini full if you want the full front wax and a Brazilian if you want the front and the back of the bikini waxed.

Bikini Line Sugaring- Female Only


Brazilian - Female


Get your Brazilian on! Take off as much or as little of the bikini area as desired, front and back. We promise that Sugar Me will take care of you by hiring only the most talented aestheticians in the valley.Thinking about Sugaring? It's only $10 more to book a sugaring Brazilian.

Brazilian - Male


The male Brazilian is the ultimate in manscaping. Wax between your cheeks and legs, and the front area.

Brazilian Sugaring


Sugar Brazilians are the specialty of Sugar Me Wax.Sugaring is a paste made of sugar & water.If you have sensitive skin or allergic reactions to the wax, this may be your best option.Allow 5-7 days hair growth or half the size of a grain of rice.NOTE:sugaring hurts worse than waxing if your hair is longer.We do not trim in the salon, so please trim before you come.

Brazilian Sugaring - Male


The male sugaring Brazilian is the ultimate in manscaping. Sugar between your cheeks, between the legs, and the front area. Also includes the buttock. Note that not all of our aestheticians work on males, if there is an issue with your appointment schedule, we may call or text you to update it.

Brow Shape & Tint


Brow Wax with a brow tint.

Brow Tinting


Brow or Lash Tinting will darken your brows so they can really stand out!



Brows Sugar


Buttocks Strip Sugaring


Between the buttocks, includes the crack only

Buttocks Strip Waxing


Between the cheeks on the buttocks, includes the crack

Buttocks Sugaring


Buttocks Waxing


Cheeks/Sideburns Sugaring


Face Cheeks - Sugared

Cheeks/Sideburns Waxing


Face Cheeks

Chest Full


Full chest from shoulders to waistline.

Chest Full Sugaring


Chest Half Sugaring


Chest Half Waxing


Includesthe area from the naval to the shoulders or from the naval to the waist line.

Chest Half Waxing Membership


Chest Strip


Not too much hair? Wax the strip between your pecks.

Chest Strip Sugar




Includes the area below your lips.

Chin Sugaring




Get rid of the fuzzy hair on your ears.



Includes toes and feet.

Feet Sugaring




Full Face


Includes all hair on the face, including the brows.

Full Face Sugaring


Half Legs


Half leg includes from knees to ankles or from Knees to the bikini area.

Half Legs Sugar




Includes from your wrists down to your fingers.

Hands Sugaring


Inner Thigh


The inner thigh region starts at the bikini line and goes to half way down your thigh.

Inner Thigh Sugaring


Lash Tint


Legs Full


Legs Full Sugaring




Removes the hair above your upper lip.

Lip & Brow


The two most common facial areas to wax are the lip and brow.Shape your brows with our signature brow stylists and add on an upper lip wax.

Lip & Brow Sugaring


Using the sugar hair removal technique, we sugar your brows and lip and then shape your brows into the perfect look for you.

Lip & Chin


Lip & Chin Sugar


Lip Sugaring


Lip and Chin Waxing Membership


Lower Back






Inner Nostrils.

Shoulders Sugaring


Shoulders Waxing




Stomach Strip Sugaring


Stomach (Strip)


Stomach strip will wipe away your happy trail.This covers an area of three inches by two inches around the belly button.

Stomach Full


Full Stomach includes all of your belly - from your waistline up to your sternum

Stomach Full Sugaring






Underarms Sugar


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