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Advanced Facial Treatments
6 Services

50 Minute Advanced Spa Facial

Enzyme Facial Treatment

Hydro Facial

Milia Extractions

Hydro Glow Treatment

Hydro Peel Acne Treatment

5 Services

Botox Treatment with Dr. Reichner

Botox Treatment with RN

Jeuveau Treatment

Jeuveau Treatment with RN

Botox Facial

Chemical Peel
8 Services

Body Peel

Body Peel Feet

Chemical Peel Decolletage

Chemical Peel Face

Chemical Peel Hands

Chemical Peel Neck

Obagi Blue Peel Radiance

PCA Retinol Peel 6%

2 Services

Dysport with MD

Dysport with RN

IPL Photofacial
7 Services

IPL Arms - Up to 175 Pulses

IPL Decolletage

IPL Face

IPL Hands

IPL Legs Up to 175 Pulses

IPL Neck

IPL Spot Tx

2 Services

Juvederm with MD

Juvederm with RN

Kenelog, B12 or Beauty Shot
4 Services

Kenelog Injection

Vitamin B12 Injection

"Skinny Shot" Lipo B12 Injection

"Beauty Shot" Glutathione

3 Services

Kybella Evaluation

Kybella with MD

Kybella with RN

Laser Hair Removal
29 Services

LHR Bikini Line

LHR Abdomen

LHR 1/2 Arms (Upper or Lower)

LHR 1/2 Back

LHR 1/2 Face

LHR 1/2 LEGS (Upper OR Lower)

LHR Ab Trail

LHR Areolas

LHR Beard

LHR Between Brows

LHR Brazilian Bikini

LHR Chest

LHR Chin

LHR Ears

LHR Fingers or Toes

LHR Full Arms

LHR Full Back

LHR Full Face

LHR Full Legs

LHR Hands or Feet

LHR Inner Thighs

LHR Knees

LHR Neck

LHR Numbing

LHR Sideburns

LHR Underarms

LHR Upper Lip

LHR Buttocks

LHR Jawline

4 Services

Add On Post Injection

Add On to Peel or Facial

LightStim Treatment in Esty Room

LightStim Treatment in Lounge

Mixto Laser Resurfacing
4 Services

Mixto CO2 Cheeks

Mixto CO2 Fractional Laser Face

Mixto Consult

Mixto Lite with RN

Pink Intimate
2 Services

Pink Intimate Area

Pink Treatment

RF Microneedling
4 Services

RF Microneedling Decolletage

RF Microneedling Full Face

RF Microneedling Neck

RF Microneedling Underarms

3 Services

Restylane with MD

Restylane with MD- Tear Troughs

Restylane with RN

1 Service

Sculptra with MD

Skin Consultation
3 Services

Skin Consult with MD

Skin Consult with RN

Skin Consult with Esthetician

3 Services

Versa Re Injection

Versa with MD

Versa with RN


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