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Bio-Feedback Assessment


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How Physics Decodes Your Health History:

World-class BioPhysicist and MD (Russia) has developed an algorithm and technology perfected over decades of research and clinical trials in Russia and Canada.

This diagnostic device measures the electromagnetic variability of the human body’s organ systems to determine the root cause of dysfunction within the human body. The data assembled as a color-coded image of your body and organ systems.

What to Expect:
During your session, Dimitri will personally review the results of your assessment and recommend therapies best suited to achieve cellular balance for optimal healing of mind, body, and spirit.

Detox & Cleansing


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Automated Cleansing:

These 60-minute sessions are designed to support the body & mind in removing harmful toxins and emotional baggage using Health Canada approved frequency technology.

Session Breakdown
First 30 minutes: Here, we focus on mentally detoxing the mind from toxic thought patterns using specially designed guided meditations along with revolutionary Pulsed Magnetic Field Technology.
Second 30 minutes: RIFE frequencies are combined with full body stimulation and vibrations to detox the body of stubborn toxins.

Energy Booster


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Upgrade Your Energy:

Cellular energy comes from the mitochondria, which are the powerhouse cells within the body. They work hard to produce efficient energy supply; most people don’t realize that to upgrade your energy you need to improve the mitochondria.Work and lifestyle factors can drain these cells leaving you feeling depleted and drained.

Do You Experience Any Of The Following?
fatigue – sensitivity to cold – excessive tiredness – weight gain – muscle aches – dry skin – depression
*if you experience any of the above you might be a candidate for our Upgraded Energy Program



Meditation Made Easy:

Each session is carefully designed to introduce our clients to the concept of Mindful Awareness.Synergistically stimulating the Mind & Body through multi-wave acoustic frequencies, Audio-visual Entrainment, and Neuro-Muscular Vibration, achieve meditative bliss in 45-minutes!

What to Expect:
In a nutshell, our practitioners will guide you into our Meditation Room where clients will be comfortably reclined in our Zero Gravity Pods, handed a pair of studio-grade over the ear headphones, and a pair of light goggles. During the session, you will experience Full Body Vibration, Binaural Audio Tones, and gentle Pulses of Light.All you will need to do is close your eyes, relax!

Productivity & Focus


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Time For A Hardware Upgrade:

These 60-minute sessions are designed to optimize & enhance your brains performance. Using a unique combination of Health Canada Approved Frequency Technology and electrostimulation to charge the brain for laser-sharp focus.

Session Breakdown:
First 30-minutes: We combine state-of-the-art PEMF technology and apply focused protocols stimulating the right and left hemisphere of the brain. This results in a harmonious state of consciousness commonly associated with extreme mental clarity.

Second 30-minutes: Uniquely combining mind alive technology and neuromuscular vibration we allow our mind and body to enter a state of relaxed clarity to ensure the results of this session stick with you for the rest of the day.

Sleep Well


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The Ultimate Dream Catching Technology:

These 60-minute sessions are designed to guide your body’s Circadian rhythm into a natural sleep cycle. Using specialized Health Canada approved frequency technology developed to turn off your fight-or-flight response so you can fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

Session Breakdown:
First 30 minutes: Using advanced Pulsed Electromagnetic field technology that utilizes bio-feedback to stimulate the body into a relaxed, restful state so you can prepare for a perfect nights rest.

Second 30 minutes: Experience the future of meditation in our Neuropod. This specially designed pod uses a unique combination of vibrant-acoustic stimulation with Soul 7 curated guided meditations specially designed to calm the body and mind.

Stress Relief


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Less Stress Tech:

These 60-minute sessions are designed to support your brain’s response to stress.Using specific Health Canada Approved Frequency Technology, each session is broken down into two segments.

Session Breakdown:
The First 30-minutes: We combine state-of-the-art, Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequencies, and Physio-Acoustic Vibration.This dynamic Frequency duo begins the process of rewiring your brains response to stress by decluttering your mind and crystallizing your thought process.

The Second 30-minutes: Now it’s time to release the tension, tightness, and blockages that are preventing you from full body stress relief.Our unique Syogra Massage Technology emulates the benefits of traditional shiatsu style therapy along with Audio-Visual Frequencies to optimize full body stress relief.


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