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  • A work-out like no other! Solidcore has showed me I'm capable of so much more than I ever thought (even for someone in their 40s).
  • I went to my first class and loved it. I was pushed hard, my body worked hard but felt great. The instructor was great and people were so friendly in the class. I cant wait to get pushed that hard again as I know i will see results quickly with this class.
  • During class I keep thinking to myself why the heck did I sign up for this but man oh man do I feel GREAT after my workout and days afterwards! I am completely hooked and solidcore has definitely changed the way I view fitness!
  • Every Solidcore instructor is so welcoming and makes the class feel really inclusive. The work on my core and glutes is AMAZING and way more intense than anything I would make myself do on my own!! LOVE it--give it a try!
  • The workout is intense, but over in 50 minutes, and a great equalizer in that everyone is pushed to their limits, whether a superfit athlete or not. The coaches are great and there are enough of them to make for a variety of workouts.