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3 Week Body Acne Follow Up Treatment


Appointment for those who have already completed a Body Acne Consultation. This is a 3 week follow up appointment.Cannot book this appointment without having a First Consultation for Body Acne.

3 Week Face Follow Up Appointment


Anti Aging Consultation


Female First Appointment Facial Acne Consultation with Treatment


First Consultation for Body Acne with Treatment


If you are struggling with Body Acne whether it be on your chest or back we can help.At your first appointment we will address the type of acne you are experiencing. Pick out products for your treatment area and do extractions.We will also educate you on how to use your products, cover lifestyle changes we may ask you to make and re-book you for a three week follow up. Follow up appointments are $75.00. If we are working on more than one area the second area will be $50.00.

Male First Appointment Facial Acne Consultation with Treatment




Non Acne Services- TCA Peel Face, Neck and Chest


This is a 15% TCA peel performed on the face, neck and chest.This is an aggressive peel and will have a downtime of 12-15 days.
Perfect for anti aging concerns, wrinkles, dark spots, hyperpigmentation caused by sun damage.

Non Acne Services-Modified tca/lactic/mandelic Peel


This multi agent formulation peel offers little to no downtime. Excellent for pigment, anti aging concerns and dark marks left over from acne scars and picking.This peel can be done every two weeks in our clinic. Added layers during your peel can be discussed with your esthetician to enhance exfoliation.

Non Acne Services-TCA Peel for Face


15% TCA face peel. This is an aggressive chemical peel and requires 9 to 12 days for recovery.Works well on sun damaged skin, thick skin, deep pigmentation,deeper lines and wrinkles.


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  • Sure. The staff is friendly and helpful, they understand acne and are committed to educating patients about effective treatment.