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3 Services

A) Product & Treatment Consultation


Includes time for initial paperwork.Consultation fee will be applied toward your first treatment or product purchase.

B) First Visit Paperwork - No Consultation

Select this if you this is your first visit and never had a consultation. After selecting your paperwork appointment, click on SELECT ANOTHER SERVICE highlighted in blue to choose the service you would like.

C) Quick Product Purchase

Medical Spa Treatments
8 Services

A) Skin Irregularity Treatment w/ Office Visit


Effectively treat the following conditions:Fibromas, Keratosis, Skin tags, Milia, Sun & Age Spots, Spider Caliparies, Cherry Angiomas.Includes 1 hour office visit and treatment of 10 small irregularities. $10 for each additional area. Includes time for paperwork and aftercare guidelines.

B) Microneedling - Scar Revision


C) Microneedling - Face


D) Microneedling - Face & Neck


E) Microneedling - Face, Neck & Chest


F) Microneedling - Add On - Dermaplane Treatment


Add a dermaplane treatment to your microneedling session.Painlessly removes fine, vellus hairs and dead skin to allow for maximum product penetration.

F) Microneedling - Add On - Hands


F) Microneedling - Add On - Skin Irregularity Treatment


Your micro needle session is the perfect time to have any irregular skin concerns also addressed such as any cherry angiomas or broken capillaries.

Skin Care
12 Services

A) Quick Zit Zapper - High Frequency


B) Express Teen Facial


C) Deep Pore Facial


E) Oxygen Treatment


K) Dermaplane


K) Microdermabrasion


K) Microdermabrasion - Chest Add On


M) Sensitive Skin Peel


N) Glycolic Peel


N) Pigment Balancing Peel


N) Salicylic Acne Peel


O) Back Peel


7 Services

A) Spa Facial


B) Spa Back Facial


C) Spa Dermaplane


D) Spa Firm & Tone Facial


D) Spa Microdermabrasion


E) Spa Back Microdermabrasion


Z) The Mary


Named after the client who invented this triple threat; includes a Spa Style Facial with either Microderm or Dermaplane exfoliation, an infusion of hydrating and bacteria clearing oxygen solution followed by a custom blend of potent finishing touches. The Ultimate Spa Facial!

11 Services

A) Brow Refine & Sculpt


More than just plucking a few stragglers.This refine brow shaping service will define your eyes and make your eyes pop!

A) Quick Brow Clean Up - Tweezers


Perfect for those few pesky stragglers.

B) Lip


C) Lip & Chin


D) Lip & Brow Clean Up


E) Sides of Face


F) Full Face including Brows


G) Nostrils


X) Brow Tinting


Y) Eyelash Tinting


Z) Brow & Lash Tinting


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