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Hair Care
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Kiddo's First Cut


First haircut...EVER!!!

Long Cut


A cut for hair anywhere between the shoulders and the floor! Looking for a bob? Book The Ultimate Bob service instead.

Short Cut


A cut that finishes above the earlobe, with style allll over.

The Ultimate Bob


Bobs are classic. Bobs are cool. Book this service INSTEAD of a Long Cut for a Bob of any kind...stacked, square or round.

Kinky Curly Cut


Tight kinky curls need a little extra TLC. This service includes all the things that make curls their very best. This includes a co-wash, detangling, hair product application using the LOC method, and a cut.



Wash + condition. If paired with a cut, we include a blow-dry and style!



Got tangles? Not a problem. We take care of those too.

For extra tangles, we recommend booking 2 (or more!) 30-minute sessions.

Hair Donation and a Cut (Free!)

YOU: Have 12" minimum of fresh + clean locks to donate to our partner organization, Wigs for Kids.
US: We offer this service complimentary!

Special Styling - 30 minutes


Blow-outs, Straightening, and all Special Occasion styling. Booked in 30 minute increments.

Swimmer's Treatment


Remove chlorine, deep condition and say bye to cotton candy hair. If paired with a cut, we include a blow-dry and style!

Hair Extensions
1 Service

Sparkle Strands - 10


10 silk-based strands woven into the hair for a touch of dazzle. You choose the colors. We add the fun!

1 Service



A gentle file, followed by non-toxic polish. Best with a bestie along for the ride!


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  • Efficient, easy, my kids love it and Ashlynn does an amazing job
  • Amazing customer service and so many activities to do while we waited!