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Flat Rate Hourly Telephone/Web Communication


Select this option for last-minute or unplanned communications. You will not be billed until after the appointment is concluded.
If you have an Agenda-Organized Communication, please select the next option on this list.

Agenda Prioritized Telephone/Web Communication


Communication requiring document or material preparation - must be requested 24 hours in advance of appointment date & time. Services are discounted for the client & schedules are expected to be met.

Minimum booking is 1 hour, you may book up to 3 hours in advance. Should the initial communication exceed 3 hours in a single calendar day, the additional minutes will be billed at the standard rate ($250.00)

CLS Basic Operator Training - Certified Systems


On-Site Misc. Equipment Services


*Day Rate, anticipated 6-8 hours maximum of on-site performance.

On-Site Misc Consulting Services


*Travel & Misc Expenses Billed Separately

On-Site Meet & Greet


Custom Service for clients who prefer to meet in person before signing project agreements. Meetings are anticipated to have limited substance and no tangible outcome except to establish a working relationship. The cost of Meet&Greet fees will be credited towards any resulting working agreement. In the event that no agreement is made, the fees are intended to cover time & travel costs for Sharpe, Inc.

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