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New Client Services
2 Services

New Client Meeting

I visit you and your pet to meet, complete paperwork, and agreen on the services that are best for you and your pets.

Puppy Prep

I will visit your home and help you prepare for your new puppy. We will go over safety concerns as well as how to set up a good routine for your new puppy. I will address any concerns or questions you may have about bringing home a puppy.

30 minute Dog Walking or Pet Sitting visit
2 Services

30 min - up to 2 pets

30 min - 3 pets

45 minute Dog Walking or Pet Sitting visit
2 Services

45 min - up to 2 pets

45 min - 3 pets

Additional Services
5 Services

Medication visit - 1 pet

This is a visit just to stop in and medicate your pet. This does not include a walk or any other services.

Bath & Nail Trim - 1 dog

This is a wash and dry service, I do not groom. If you need a groomer reference please ask.

Nail trim - 1 dog

Feeding Visit

This is a visit is to stop in feed and give your dog a potty break.

Potty Break - 1 pet

This is not a walk. This is just a visit to take your dog out to the bathroom.


Sara The Animal Nanny

Dog Walking

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