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*Monthly Clients
4 Services

60 Min Stay Resilient Signature Massage

75 Min Stay Resilient Signature Massage

90 Min Stay Resilient Signature Massage

Two Hour Stay Resilient Signature Massage

*New Client
4 Services

New Client 60 min

New Client 75 Min

New Client 90 min

New Client Two Hour

9 Services

Seasonal Body Treatment-Half

Coconut Scalp Massage

Cold Stone Facial

Dry Brush

Sugar Scrub

Wrap-Castor Oil


Seasonal Body Treatment-Full

Paraffin Wax Treatment

Facial Cupping
1 Service

45 Min Facial Cupping & Massage

Hot Stone Massage
4 Services

Hot Stone 60 min

Hot Stone 90 min

Hot Stone Two Hour

Hot Stone 75 Min

8 Services

Military Discount 60 min

Military Discount 75 min

Military Discount 90 min

Military Discount Two Hour

New Client Military 60 Min

New Client Military 75 Min

New Client Military 90 Min

New Client Military Two Hour

Prenatal Massage
3 Services

Prenatal Massage 60 min

Prenatal Massage 75 min

Prenatal Massage 90 min

Returning Clients
4 Services

60 Min Custom Massage

75 Min Custom Massage

90 Min Custom Massage

Two Hour Custom Massage

Stretch Session
3 Services

60 Min Stretch Session

45 Min Stretch Session

75 Min Stretch Session

Teachers & First Responders
8 Services

New Client T&FR 60 min

New Client T&FR 75 min

New Client T&FR 90 min

New Client T&FR Two Hour

T&FR Discount 60 Min

T&FR Discount 75 Min

T&FR Discount 90 Min

T&FR Discount Two Hour

Yoga & Yoga Therapy
5 Services

Private Yoga Session 60 min

Private Yoga Session 90 min

Private Yoga Session 45 Min

Private Yoga Session 75 min

Yoga Therapy- 90 Min


Resilience Massage and Wellness

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