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90 Day "Hands-On" Business, Sales, Construction, Real Estate Mentorship
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90 Day "Hands-On" Business, Sales, Construction, Real Estate Mentorship


Over 90 days you and up to nine other entrepreneurs will work together with me and my team within an online delivery system to help you design a plan of action for you to get focused, create and set the necessary goals, develop the necessary attitudes and behaviors needed to accomplish those goals (results not busy work!) deliver & sell your product or services at a profit in a systematic and ordered process.

Additional focus will be on design and implementation of systems & processes allowing you to work on, instead of in your business, grow it, scale it to ultimately increase the profits, viability and longevity of your entrepreneurial creation!

**Disclosure, this is not a position for the faint of heart, thin skinned, indecisive, unmotivated individuals. No excuses. We don't want dead weight in these groups even if you can make the investment.
**If the use of profanity offends you, this isn't going to be for you either.

**If you need things sugar coated to protect your feelings or ego and don't like straight talk this might not be for you at this moment.
We're going to get into it and then get after it so come ready to work with the right attitude if you're going to make the investment of this time and money.

I'm going to invest my time and effort to deliver you the tools to get results, you're paying me for it BUT, I need you to be willing to invest the time and effort over the next three months into yourself and your business to make it happen.

These groups are about focused efforts and getting the job done, accountability, personal growth and an activity that will nurture your drive for success and enhance your chances for positive results.
This platform will help deliver a higher quality experience, create and facilitate a Mastermind Alliance and an amazing ability to share knowledge to improve your business.

Who is this for?
An applicant that has the desire to jump in, be hands on in creating the exact path and systems to be used by anyone who works within their business to accomplish the revenue and earnings goals of their company. Someone with the willingness to participate in the group calls and interactions in between each call. This will increase and enhance your chances for the best results.

Why a group?
Napoleon Hill, Mastermind Alliance.


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