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Have a question about my programs? Pick this option to schedule a quick call to ask any specific questions you may have. I can't wait to hear from you! - Rachelle

Baby Sleep Consultation - Affordable Express Option (For Busy and DIY Parents)


Need a longer phone call, but want to see if you can use the tools on your own? Try out a 45-minute comprehensive sleep consult by phone with Rachelle . These calls are also great for maintenance and when your baby experiences sleep regressions (think of it as an infant sleep tune-up!).

Eat. Sleep. Poop. Private Parenting Consultation (Baby 101 Great for New Parents and Parents-to-Be)


Are you about to be a new parent, or just became one? Or, could you and your partner use some help on how to swaddle, feed, change a diaper or soothe your baby from constant crying? My Eat. Sleep. Poop. class goes over all the basics you'll need to know in a detailed, yet simple to manage framework. We'll talk about nursery set-up, supplies, common troubleshooting, reducing yours and your baby's cortisol levels, tips on different swaddling methods, teething advice and more.

Introduction to Solids Private Parenting Consultation (For Toddler or Almost Toddler Parents)


Is your baby moving from the breast or bottle and into solids? Which ones are the most nutritious? What are some easy ways to teach your baby how to start feeding themselves? What are some great foods to start with? Are there any I should be aware with as far as intolerances or allergies? How can I create some meals for my baby that he or she can easily digest and handle? These are all great questions and all that are answered in my Introduction to Solids Program.

Online Community + Creating Sweet Dreams Guidebook + Virtual Support (For Anyone!)


Join other moms and me! Get answers, Rachelle's amazing guidebook and virtual sleep support to get some ZZZ's and ask any baby care or feeding questions you like! Our online option also includes two free 15-minute calls with Rachelle.

Baby Sleep Consultation + Plan + Follow-Ups (Comprehensive Full Service Option)


In my comprehensive sleep consults, we will go over everything you need to make sure you are set up for a full night's sleep (or close to it!). We'll talk about your baby's current routine, their nursery set-up, any health issues and discuss his or her latest sleeping and eating patterns. By implementing a personalized plan, you'll start to see improvements typically immediately. I offer two additional 30 minute follow-up calls to support any adjustments that we need to make so that you're getting beauty rest daily.

In-Home Baby Sleep "Training" - Book Introductory Call

For our families who desire in-home service, we offer expert sleep guidance and support including comprehensive sleep plan, routine and nursery set-up, newborn care, hands-on and professional assistance. This is an extremely successful form of sleep support.

If your sleep deprivation is at an extreme state and you need hands-on in-home support, we have traveling sleep specialists who can provide services nationwide.


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