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Alpha Spa Bed


Combination Services


Soften & Hydration Package
Restore & Repair lost hydration with a paraffin hand wax and choice of Luxurious Pumpkin or Decadent Chocolate Facial Mask in our European Full body LED Feng Shui Spa Bed.

Feng Shui Bed


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Pick Marge's Brain Session


Ask Marge all your nutritional, business, and lifestyle questions during this informational, one-on-one session. Let her help coach you to a happier, healthier life!

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Acne Treament Package


Alleviate Acne and blemishes with our acne treatment package which includes and evaluation of the skin, exfoliation with your choice of a camphor masque or antioxidant masque followed by a healingC-3 mitate masque under our Beauty gold LED light therapy. All while your body is relaxing in our European spa bed.

C-3 Mitate Mask


Relieve tight muscle & relax in our european alpha bed. Diminish fine lines and wrinkles, improve discolorations & visible imperfections with our popular c-3 mitate masque

Collagen Extravaganza


Enjoy a collagen masque for your face, under eyes, lips and neck while warming your body in one of our European Spa Beds

Decadent Chocolate Facial Treatment


Deluxe Nuface Quick Lift Facial


Hydrating Collagen Facial Treatment




Pumpkin Masque


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Footbath-Ionic Detox


Parafin Wax On Hands Or Feet


Wellness or Integrative
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Free Weight Loss Consult

MRT Follow Up Special for Clients


MRT- First Visit (Non Referral)


Mrt For Clients Under 18


MRT appointment only for clients 18 years and younger.

Turbo HFD Program 40 Days


Want To Lose 15+ lbs Safely, Naturally and Affordably?

Our Turbo Program is formulated to help you achieve your ultimate weight loss goals in an all-natural way. Let our experts design a personalized plan to lose weight and inches. Receive our effective 40-day Turbo-1000, 6 Weekly Coaching Sessions and a bottle of Garcinia Cambogia.

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