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Full-Service Oil Change

Regular oil changes are key to keeping your vehicle running better and lasting longer.

Brake Service

Signs of possible brake failure include squealing, grinding, or any other unusual noise when you apply the brakes.

Factory Recommended Maintenance Interval

Most people refer to this as a "Tune Up". These are also the key to keeping your Factory Warranty with the Dealership current. At certain mileage intervals it is important to bring your car in for specific services to keep things running smoothly. We know your car or truck as well as a dealer, but can service it for less!

Auto Detailing Service

We offer a wide variety of detailing services! From a basic interior and exterior wash with a hand wax right through to a major detailing that can remove scratches and shampoo the interior. Services come in packages and al a carte.

ABS Light, SRS Light, VTC Light

Have some lights pop up on you? Don't worry, we have the tools and training to be able to get to the bottom of this issue quickly and accurately.

Check Engine Light Service

If your Check Engine light is on, come on by! We'll perform a full diagnostic to identify the issue and get you back on the road.

No Heat

Cold? Make sure to schedule for the next available appointment. We want to get this ironed out ASAP so you can unzip your jacket on long rides.

"Some light is on and I don't know what it is"

This is pretty common. Don't worry if you don't know what the light is. Our Technicians will figure it out for you


Noises can drive you crazy! Not to worry, we can figure it out for you. But we're most likely going to want to go for a ride with you when you drop the vehicle off so we can make sure we're both hearing the same thing.

Light Bulb Replacement

If you have a light out, it's important to get it fixed to avoid the risk of a ticket.

Air Conditioning Service

A/C not working like it used to? Your Air Conditioning system may be in need of a recharge.

Other service / diagnostics needed


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  • Quality of work is good, great problem solvers and Matt is a great service adviser, explains cleary what's going on with your vehicle.
  • Great service