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Body Services
6 Services

1. Body Polish - Aromatherapy Sugar Body Polish


Lightly scrubs away any dead skin cells while awakening your senses. The body polishes will enhance the results of all our body wraps by preparing the skin to soak in essential nutrients your body so deserves. The Vichy shower concludes this treatment. Aromatherapy choices: Lavender, Lemongrass and Ginger.  All packages must be booked over phone.

1. Body Polish - Dead Sea Salt Body Polish


Treat yourself to this ultimate body exfoliation. Benefits begin by removing old skin cells, leaving you hydrated and smooth with more lustrous skin than you have ever had. Draw out toxins and increase circulation, promoting the growth of new  healthy skin cells. The detoxifying process boosts your immune system helping to fight off infecitons and illness while the essential oils calm and relax your senses. Vichy shower concludes your treatment. All packages must be booked over phone.

1. Body Wrap - Moor Mud Detox Cocoon Wrap


Stimulate circulation and draw out impurities with the thousands of plant extracts and trace elements found in this warm Moor Mud treatment. Releaves fluid retension and Relaxes the body. A scalp treatment and Vichy shower conclude this exclusive experience.

1. Body Wrap - Warm Seaweed Wrap


Melt away tension with this ultra rich hydrating treatment that will caress the skin with silken softness. Relaxing aromas fill the air as you retreat within the warm wrap. A soothing scalp treatment and Vichy shower conclude your tranquil experience.

1. Hydrotherapy: Vichy Shower


The Vichy shower is a relaxing rain shower from above.  You will lie on a padded table and shower heads rain down on you from above like a waterfall, from a pole that extends the length of the bed. The immediate benefits of this shower are it increases circulation, hydrates the skin and soothes the nervous system enabling the body to balance and muscles to relax.  Regular treatments can also boost the immune system.

2, Body Wrap - Body Contouring Wrap


This intense body treatment with pro-active ingredients will firm your body for a sleek smooth silhouette.  The stimulating micro-circulation applications, such as intensive massage, works to break up adipose tissue.  Conclusion of light touch prepares your body for this unique firming body wrap.

8 Services

1. Facial: Organic Facial


Organic Facial promotes younger looking skin when used in conjunction with the complementary travel products given with the facial.

2, Facial: Glycolic or Enzyme Peel Facial


Visible, dramatic results from the first treatment! By rapidly exfoliating epidermal cells, this medium strength facial peel instantly unclogs pores, smooths texture and clarifies the complexion. Suited for all non-sensitive skin that is sluggish, unevenly textured or acne prone.

2, Facial: Petite Facial


Our mini version of the European Facial for men and women on the run. Get the essentials and go.

2. Facial: Age Defying Facial


Penetrating Alpha Hydroxy acids get to the bottom of lines, wrinkles, roughness, and age spots to uncover fresh, smooth new skin. Suited for non-sensitive skin types showing signs of aging, sun damage, and loss of elasticity. Best results when done in a series. All packages must be booked over phone.

2. Facial: European Facial


Our Essential facial begins with a gentle cleansing followed by an exfoliation, relaxing massage and masque. For all normal skin types.
Previously the Parlour Perfect Facial. Our most basic and versitile facial.

2. Facial: Soothing Botanical Facial


Instantly soothes and calms your skin. Smooth therapeutic cold stones refresh and revive as our restorative, moisture replenishing treatment concludes the peace and quiet. Suited for stressed, sensitive, sunburned or rosacea prone skin.

3. Facial: Back Facial


Deep cleansing treatment for acne prone skin to those just wanting a clarifying treatment. Eliminates dead skin cells, controls acne and reveals healthier looking skin. All packages must be booked over the phone.

3. Facial: Seasonal Facial


Hair Care
11 Services

1. Hair Services: Bang Trim


Bangs only.

1. Hair Services: Mens Haircut


Includes shampoo and design.

1. Hair Services: Womens Haircut


Shampoo, light conditioner, design all come with a Woman's Haircut.

2. Hair Services: Child Haircut (Ages 0 to 12 $8 + their age)


Ages 1-12 girls and boys.

2. Shampoo & Design (Mid-Long length)


Shampoo, light conditioner & design on mid to long hair.

2. Shampoo & Design (Short Length)


Shampoo, light conditioner & design on short hair.

3. Bead Braid


A braid with beads inserted.First braid $20, additional braids $10 each.

3. Feathers


Feather extension.First one $20, additional $10 each.

4. Hair Services: Brazilian Blowout


Professional Smoothing Treatment. takes about 2-3 hours depending on thickness & length of hair. Treatment actually improves the health & condition of the hair by creating a protective protein layer around the hair shaft to eliminate frizz & smooth the cuticle. End Result: SMOOTH, HEALTHY, FRIZZ-FREE HAIR WITH RADIANT SHINE! Results last up to 12 weeks.
Please note: Color is to be done before the Brazilian Blowout

5. Hair Services: Formal Design


Formal Hair Styling for Weddings, Proms  & Special Occasions.

5. Hair Services: Formal Design Bridal (day of only)


Bridal parties of 3 or more require contacting Bridal Coordinator setup up and down payment.

Hair Color
19 Services

1. Color - Full Highlights w/ Haircut & Design


Complete highlight over entire head (about 25-50 foils) using one color.  Additional colors may be added for $25 per color. Included is shampoo, light conditioner,haircut,  blowdry & style.

1. Color - Partial Highlight w/ Haircut & Design


Partial Highlights (15-25).   ,additional colors are $25 each.  Shampoo, light conditioner, haircut & design are included.

1. Color - Tint & Full Highlight & Design


All over Tint with Full  Highlights (25-45 foils).  Two colors included, additional colors are $20 each.  Hair is shampooed with light conditioner, blown dry & styled.

1. Color - Tint & Full Highlight w/ Haircut & Design


All over Tint with Full Highlights (25-45 foils).   Two colors included, additional colors are $20 each.  Included : Shampoo, Light Conditioner, Haircut & Design.

1. Color - Tint & Partial Highlight w/ Haircut & Design


All over tint or retouch with Partial Highlight.  Two colors are included, additional colors are extra.  Shampoo, light conditioner, haircut & design are included. 

1. Color - Tint Retouch w/Haircut & Design


Tint Retouch, Haircut, Shampoo, Light Conditioner, Blow Dry, & Style.  Additional color to ends is extra.

1. Color - Virgin Tint & Full Highlight w/ Haircut & Design


1. Color - Virgin Tint & Partial Highlight w/ Haircut & Design


1. Color - Virgin Tint (Long Hair) w/Haircut & Design


1. Color - Virgin Tint w/ Haircut and Design


Virgin Tint - roots to ends, shampoo, light conditioner, haircut, blowdry & design.

2. Color - Full Highlight & Design


Complete highlight over entire head (about 35-50 foils) only using one color.  Additional colors (lolite) may be added for $20 per color. Included is shampoo, light conditioner, blowdry & style.

2. Color - Partial Highlight & Design


Partial Highlights (15-25 foils). One colors included, additional colors are $20 each.  Shampoo, light conditioner, blowdry & design are included.

2. Color - Tint & Partial Highlight w/ Design


All over tint or retouch with Partial Highlight.  Two colors are included, additional colors are extra.  Shampoo, light conditioner, blow dry & style are included. 

2. Color - Tint Retouch w/ Design


Tint Retouch, shampoo, light conditioner, blowdry, & style.  Color on ends is a nominal fee.

2. Color - Virgin Tint (Long Hair) w/Design


3. Color - Virgin Tint (Long Hair) no cut or design


4. Hair Services: Curl Relaxation/ no cut or design


Loosen or relax curl. Prices may vary.

4. Hair Services: Perm - Specialty Wrap w/cut


Specialty wrap.  Specialty perms begin at $100 and include: spirals, piggy backs, and bender rods.  Traditional Wraps begin at $80.

4. Hair Services: Perm -Traditional Perm w/ haircut & design


Soft, long lasting curls. All traditional perm wraps begin at $80.

2 Services

1. Hydrotherapy: Steam Sauna


1. Hydrotherapy: Victorian Bubble Tub


Soak the day away quenching your bodys thirst with our nutrient rich bath treatment. Enhance your experience with a much needed scalp or hand massage.

4 Services

1. Make-up: Make-up & Airbrush foundation


Makeup application with airbrush foundation.

1. Make-up: Make-up Application


Makeup application

2. Make-up: Make-up Lesson


Learn the best way to do your own makeup.

4. False Eyelashes


18 Services

1. Manicure: French Manicure


Parlour Manicure with French Tip Polish.

1. Manicure: Gelcoat Redo


Remove old Axxium polish and re-polish.

1. Manicure: Spa Manicure (most popular)


Our basic Parlour Manicure. Our Nail Technicians will remove any old polish, shape your nail, push back your cuticle, buff your nail, and preform a hand massage. Your nails will then cleansed  and the polish of your choice is applied.

2. Manicure: GelCoat Soak Off & Buff


2. Manicure: Gelcoat Application


Stays shinny for 2-3 weeks. Heat cured on natural nails.

2. SNS Manicure


2. SNS Re-do


3. Manicure: Child Manicure


Shape pretty little nails and finish with punky polish. For kiddies under the age of 12.

3. Manicure: Gentlemens Manicure


For a professionally groomed appearance.  Nails filed neat, cuticles clean, soften callous palms, nails oiled and buffed smooth.

3. Manicure: Hot Stone Enhancement


Parlour Manicure with Hot/Warm Small Stones which gently massage your hands. A nice treat from the basic mani!

3. Manicure: Nail Repair (per nail)


Correct or glue a artificial or natural nail, $5 per nail.

3. Manicure: Victorian Manicure


Our Spa Manicure with a hot stone arm and hand massage, paraffin dip and masque.

5. Manicure: Acrylic Forever French Fill In


5. Manicure: Acrylic Forever French Full Set


5. Manicure: Acrylic Soak Off w/ Manicure


5. Manicure: Acrylic Traditional Fill In


5. Manicure: Acrylic Traditional Set


5. Manicure: Soak off with manicure & laquer Polish


Soaking off GEL with manicure & lacquer polish

9 Services

1. Massage: Deep Tissue 50 Minute


Deep tissue massage targets the deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue. The massage therapist uses slower strokes or friction techniques across the grain of the muscle to release May have soreness for a day or two before reaping the benefits of this treatment. Results are intensified with an Aromatherapy Steam Sauna prior to massage.

1. Massage: Swedish Massage 50 minute (most popular)


Soothing massage designed to relieve muscle tension and reduce stress, decreasing pain and improving sleep. Light or Medium pressure is used, depending on your needs.

2. Massage: Deep Tissue 80 Min


2. Massage: Swedish Massage 80 Min


2. Massage: Swedish Petite Massage 25 min


This shorter massage will hit the pressure spots you need de-kinked the most.

3. Massage: Aromatherapy Warm Candle Swedish 50 Min


Soothing Aromatherapy massage designed to relieve muscle tension and reduce stress, decreasing pain and improving sleep. Light or Medium pressure is used, depending on your needs. Hot oil is used on front of body while essential oil is used on the back. Enhancing the treatment to full Hot oil massage is available.

3. Massage: Bamboo Fusion 50 Min


Bamboo Fusion is a new, relaxing form of massage that combines the techniques of Swedish massage and the benefits of soothing heat with the invigorating energy of bamboo and rattan. The bamboo is heated and used to literally ROLL and KNEAD away the aches and pains of everyday stress.

3. Massage: Escape Chair Massage 15 mins


Relaxation massage in a padded chair that can accomodate most. Short on time this is the perfect treat for your sore, achy, stressed back.

3. Massage: Hot Stone Massage 50 Min


This deeply relaxing massage incorporates heated basalt stones to relax the muscles, calm the nervous system, and improve circulation. This soothing massage will melt away the stress of the day.

11 Services

1. Pedicure: Spa Pedicure (most popular)


Calm stressed and tired feet with our Spa pedicure which includes an aromatherapy foot scrub and relaxation massage and completed with the perfect polish.

1. Pedicure: Victorian Pedicure


You will be treated like a queen during this 90 minute pedicure. Detox soak, steam towels, masque, paraffin treatment.

1.Pedi Polish Change "Plus"


"The in-between pedicure Pedicure"
Includes-Soak, Nail & Cuticle work, Polish.
Want to Plus it--Tell your tech you want...
Foot file $7, Foot scrub $7, Foot Massage $7
Pick only what you need.

2. Pedicure: Child Pedi


Shortened version of our Spa Pedicure for those kiddies under the age of 12. Treat your little one to a Mommy and Me day starting with a little relaxation and ending with pretty little tootsies.

2. Pedicure: French Pedicure


Spa Pedicure with French Tip Polish.

2. Pedicure: Gentlemens Pedicure


Great for anyone who is on their feet.  Soak tired feet. Remove and exfoliate dead skin. Soften calloused feet. Relaxing massage. Trim and file nails. Finish with oil buff.

2. Pedicure: Hot Stone Pedicure


Spa Pedicure with hot/warm stones which gently massage your feet.

2. Pedicure: Paraffin Pedicure


Spa Pedicure with paraffin dip.

2. Pedicure: Spa Pedi w/ Masque


Our Spa Pedicure with added hot towels and masque

3. Manicure: Nail Art (per nail)


Add nail art to any or all of your toes, $5 per toe.

3. Pedicure:Seasonal Pedicure


15 Services

1. Eyebrow Tint


1. Eyelash Tint


Special formulated tint for eye lashes.

1. Waxing: Brow Wax


Brow Wax

1. Waxing: Chin Wax


Chin Wax

1. Waxing: Facial Wax - Entire Face Wax


Entire Face Wax includes: Brow, Lip, Chin and Sides of Face.

1. Waxing: Facial Wax - Sides of Face Wax


Sides of Face Wax

1. Waxing: Lip Wax


Lip Wax

2. Waxing: Bikini Wax


Bikini Wax

2. Waxing: Brazilian Wax


Brazilian Bikini Wax

2. Waxing: Chest/Back


Price includes 1 hour of service, each additional 1/2 hour will be $40.

2. Waxing: Forearm Wax


Forearm Wax.  Removal of dark hair on forearms give a more feminine look.

2. Waxing: Leg Wax Full


Full Legs Wax

2. Waxing: Leg Wax Lower


Lower Leg Wax

2. Waxing: Toe Wax


2. Waxing: Underarm Wax


Underarm Wax


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