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Body Services
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Honey & Milk Moroccan Bath




Moroccan bath


The Queens bath


The Royal Bath


The Royal Bath package starts at 11:00am and ends at 3:00pm with a meal included!
This is a full head to toe spa experience that includes:

-Jacuzzi (30 min.)
-Choose your own soap out of 5 options
-Exfoliation of the skin with special lufa
-Customized body clay
-Hair treatment
-Face mask (cake oil)
letting everything set for about 20 minutes
-Milk & Honey body massage
After the hair rinse,
-30 minutes regular massage
-Mani / Pedi
-Blow dry
-Tea / Coffee
-Lunch of your choice

6 Services

Brow Henna


This eyebrow henna is perfect for ladies that have thin or ruined eyebrows. It gives you the nice shape you want and it restores eyebrow growth by 60%!
This brow henna is special in it's natural ingredients that strengthens weak and damaged hair to restore their shape!

Eyebrow Cleaning


Eyebrow Cleaning w/ Shay Alsaid


This service is 25 minutes and includes shaping and filling.

Eyebrow and lip






2 Services

Eyelash Extensions Full set


Eyelash Extention 3 week touch up


5 Services

24k Gold Facial


The 24k Gold facial is designed specifically for dry skin. It includes 3 different gold based masks, blackhead removal, and a steam scrub to help with fine lines and dryness. This service includes an under-eye mask and a mask for around the lip area to help tighten and plum fine lines with Visible results after first try. It is recommended to get this service done twice a month until the skin is balanced and has a healthy glow.

Back Facial


This treatment ensures a clear spotless back. A lot times when we are going on vacation or when our back is showing we want to make sure there is no hair. spots. blackheads, or acne. This services comes with a scrub, hot stonemassage, black head removal, and a scrub.

Caviar Facial


The Caviar facial is suitable for all skin types. It comes with 3 masks, steam scrub, black head removal and a massage. The Caviar facial is very helpful in reducing wrinkles, it also makes your face extremely soft and evens out the skin discoloration.This service also includes an under-eye mask and a mask for around the lip area to help tighten and plum fine lines with Visible results after first try

Classic Facial


Collagen Facial


Hair Care
10 Services

Bridal Hair styling with veil setting


Color Root Touch-up


Color and highlight


Haircolor and highlights/lowlights.

Conditioning Treatment / Vital-shot




Highlight Root touch-up


Single Process Color




Wash & blow-dry


keratin treatment


5 Services

Bridal Makeup


Event Makeup No lashes


Event Makeup w/ Lashes


Event Makeup w/lashes & Contour




3 Services

1 hour massage


This is the ultimate relaxation massage package includinghot towels and cooling oil with aroma therapy lasting 90 minutes long

30 min Therapeutic Massage


30 minute introductory massage, you can request focuses on specific areas if needed or request added time or add ons during the massage.

90 min Massage


The 90 minute massage includes Swedish, deep tissue and acupressure techniques. hot towels and cooling oil included along with aroma therapy.

6 Services

First initial touch-up (For Microblading clients only)


Only for customers who already paid for their first microblading appointment with Shay Alsaid. Booked after 5 weeks



Microblading Consultation

Microblading touch up (4months)


Microblading touch up (6months)


Microblading touch up (Year to Fourteen months)


2 Services



Shellac mani


2 Services

Luxury Pedi


detox pedicure


Permanent Makeup
8 Services

Existing client switch from Microblading to Nano brows


This service is what all microblading clients eventually have to switch to because the skin can only be cut so many times before we have to stop cutting it, and just tattoo it with strokes instead. The strokes last longer and create less trauma. They look just as natural if not more natural than microblading. You will need a touch up in about 2-3 months from this appointment and it will cost $150

Free Nano Brow/ Ombre Brow Consultation

Initial Nano Brow Follow up


Booked between the 6th and 10th week after initial app

Initial Ombré Brows touch-up (Clients only)


Booked internally within the next 10 weeks.

Nano Brows


Nano brows is an advanced method that mimics microblading strokes but tattooed in the skin with a single needle machine rather than a rotary tool. This lasts longer and has a crisp healing effect. Consult with artist to know if this is the right service for your brows.

Nano Brows Touch-up


Recommended time to touch up your nano brows is between 2 to 4 years depending on skin type.

Ombré Brows


This look is a more permenant solution to eyebrow pmu. It last up to 2 years giving the client a soft shade of color underneath the hair to create fullness and shape. Ombre brows are lower maintenance than microblading requiring less touchups over time.

Ombré Brows Touch up


Touching up ombré brows is recommended every 2-4 years depending on clients skin.

1 Service

Permament Body art tattoo Consultation

We will go over size, design, cost, and time. We'll set up tattoo appointment together in person after we discuss all the details.

13 Services





Full Arms


Full Back


Full Body Wax


Full Legs, Full Arms, Brazilian, Underarm

Full Body Wax w/back


Full arms, legs. Underarm, and back. Any other waxing done will be extra.

Full Face


Full Leg with Bikini


Full Legs


Half Arms


Half Legs


Stomach and chest





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