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Cashmere Brows


Consult is required prior to every procedure.
Cashmere brows feature a combination of both the microblading and powdered brow technique. This look is designed for the women who seeks polished and glamorous brows.Cashmere brows are perfectly shaped and always filled in and are for women who already have brow hair.



Microblading is the more natural approach to filling in the brows. We use hair strokes to create a beautifully shapednatural brow.This technique is made for the low maintenance woman who likes a natural yet put together look. This technique is perfect for filling in a few hairs here and there or completely shaping the brow. Little or no brow hair is needed for microblading

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2D Volume Set (2 extensions to 1 natural lash)


2 lightweight volume extensions applied to 1 natural lash for a full and natural look.

2D volume fill


Classic Fill


Classic Set (1:1 extension/natural lash)


Extension Removal


Russian Volume Full Set (3:1 extensions/natural lash)


Russian Volume Partial Set (3:1 extensions/natural lash)


Volume Fill ~ Maxx


Volume Fill ~ Mini


Volume Fill ~ Regular


Skin Care
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Acne Lift


Lightening Lift


O2 Lift


Perfection Peel


Wrinkle Lift


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service includes removing the hair from the bikini line and helps reduce irritated skin caused from shaving.



service includes waxing away hair from to help reduce irritation caused from shaving.

Brow Shape & Tint


Service includes tinting of the brow to leave a fuller and thicker look.
Also includes brow waxing with tweezing touch-up to define and shape the brow.

Brow Shaping (Wax/Tweezing)




service includes waxing the hair on the chest.

Full Arms


service includes waxing the arm hair from the whole arm.

Full Back


service includes waxing unwanted back hair.

Full Face


Full Legs


service includes waxing the hair from the whole leg.

Half Arms


Service includes waxing hair from the arm below the elbow.

Half Legs


service includes waxing away the leg hair from the knee down.

Lip & Chin


Service includes waxing away any unwanted hair onupper lip and chin area with tweezing if necessary.



service includes waxing unwanted hair from the abdomen.



Service includes waxing of the underarm hair.

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