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13 Services

*Initial Consultation & Treatment (1 hour)

*Traditional Chinese Medical Assessment (30min)

30 Minute Follow-up Treatment

45 Minute Follow-up Treatment

60 Minute Follow-up Treatment

Chinese Herbal Medicine Consultation (30 min)

Chinese Herbal Medicine Follow-up 30 min

Meet the Practitioner

Pre-Birth/Labour Induction Acupuncture (45mins)

San Fu Tie Herbal Treatment

Traditional Chinese Acupressure, Guasha & Cupping

Traditional Chinese Cupping Treatment

Traditional Chinese Massage for Children (Tuina)

Beauty Services
11 Services

**Natural Beauty Initial Assessment (Naturopathic)

*Cosmetic Acupuncture - *Initial Treatment

*Facial Botox Initial Treatment (L1)

*PRP Facial Injections - Initial Treatment

*Skin Micro Needling *Initial Treatment

Cosmetic Acupuncture - 1 hour Follow-up

Facial Acupressure Massage

Facial Botox - Follow-up Treatment (L1)

PRP Facial Injections - Follow-up Treatment

PRP Facial Injections - INITIAL (PACKAGE Price)

Skin Micro Needling Follow-up Treatment

2 Services

*Breathwork - Initial 1hr Session

Breathwork - 1hr Follow Up Session

Counselling & Trauma Work
20 Services

**Meet Your Therapist!

*Body-Centred Therapy - Initial 1hr Visit

*Counselling (Online) - Initial 1hr Session


*Counselling - Initial 1hr Session

*EMDR Initial 1hr Session

*Neurotherapy - Initial Intake and Assessment

*Somatic Experiencing - Initial 1hr Session

*Trauma Therapy - Initial 1hr Session

Body-Centred Therapy - 1hr Follow-up

Body-centred Therapy 2hr Follow up

Counselling (Online) -1hr Follow-up Session


Counselling -1hr Follow-up Session

EMDR Follow-up 1hr Session

Neurotherapy - 1hr Follow-up Session

Somatic Experiencing - 1hr Follow-up Session

Trauma Therapy - 1.5hr Follow-up Session

Trauma Therapy - 1hr Follow-up Session

*Relational Somatic Therapy - 50min Initial

Relational Somatic Therapy - 90min Follow-up

**Meet the Therapist - PHONE

Integrated Health Programs
3 Services

*Integrative Health Assessment (with ND Intern)

Integrative Follow-up Session (30mins)

Integrative Follow-up Session (Extended 45mins)

Intravenous Therapies
2 Services

*New to IV? Book your Initial Consult 1st here!


MELT Method (Private)
3 Services

*Private Initial MELT Session (1.5hr)


Brief MELT Follow-up (30min)

MELT Private Follow-up (1hr)

Naturopathic Medicine
9 Services

*Initial CHILD Naturopathic Visit Ages 6-16yrs

*Initial INFANT Naturopathic Visit Age 0-5yrs

*Meet the Doctor (For New Patients!)

*New Patient Visit (up to 1hr)

Check-in (up to 15mins)


Extended Follow-Up Visit (up to 45mins)

Extended Follow-Up Visit (up to 60 min)

Follow-Up Visit (up to 30mins)

Neural Therapy Treatment

Other Hands-on Therapies
17 Services

**Meet Your Therapist!

*Craniosacral Initial Consult & Treatment

*Holistic Pelvic Care - Initial 1.5 hr Session

*Integrative Manual Therapy - Initial 1hr Session

*Lymphatic Breast Care - Initial 1hr Session

*Maya Abdominal Therapy Initial -Arvigo Technique

*Myofasical Release - Initial 1hr Session

90min Integrative Manual Therapy Session

Craniosacral Therapy Follow-up Session

Holistic Pelvic Care - 1hr Follow-up Session

Integrative Manual Therapy - 1hr Follow-up Session

Lymphatic Breast Care - 1hr Follow-up Session

Maya Abdominal Follow-up 90 min-Arvigo Technique

Myofascial Release - 1hr Follow-up Sesion

*Somatic Repatterning Initial 1.5hr

Somatic Repatterning Follow-up 1.5 hr

Maya Abdominal Follow-up 60 min- Arvigo Technique


Physio, Osteopathy, Fitness
5 Services

**Meet Your Therapist!

*Initial Osteopathic Treatment

*Initial Osteopathic Treatment CHILD

Osteopathic Treatment - 45min Follow-up

Osteopathic Treatment CHILD - 30min Follow-up

4 Services

*Prolotherapy Initial Assessment & Treatment

*Prolotherapy with PRP - Initial Session

Prolotherapy Follow-up Visit

Prolotherapy with PRP - Follow-up Treatment

6 Services

1-Day ROOM Rental

1-hour ROOM Rental

1.5-hour ROOM Rental

4-hour ROOM Rental

6-hour ROOM Rental

Cancellation fee- Room rental

Registered Massage Therapy
6 Services

*Massage Therapy Initial Treatment

*Prenatal Massage - Initial 1hr Visit

Massage Therapy 1hr Follow-up Treatment

Massage Therapy 30 Minute Follow-up Treatment

Massage Therapy 45 Minute Follow-up Treatment

Prenatal Massage - Follow up - 1 hour

Telemedicine/Remote Visits
9 Services

Online- Integrated Initial Session 60min (INTERN)


Online- Integrative Follow-up Session (30mins)


Online Counselling (60 min)


Telemedicine - ND Follow Up (15 min)


Telemedicine - ND Follow Up (30 min)


Telemedicine - ND Initial (60 min)


Telemedicine - ND Follow Up (45 min)


TeleHealth Meet and Greet

Online-Relational Somatic Psychotherapy


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